Gordon Ramsay for US Masterchef

Hinting it will have a decidedly different flavour to Australia, Gordon Ramsay will front the US adaptation of MasterChef.

The American series, to be produced for FOX by Reveille, Shine TV and Ramsay’s own One Potato Two Potato, will premiere in the US summer on July 29th at 9pm. It will follow Hell’s Kitchen.

Ramsay will be joined by restaurateur / wine maker Joe Bastianich and four-star chef Graham Elliot Bowles.

On the subject of the swearing chef, he will also visit Melbourne in May for the opening of Crown’s new $300 million Metropol Hotel. His new restaurant, Maze, opens next week.

Source: Variety


  1. Could only hope he carries the more humourous, fun dare I say it, gentle side shown on Cookalong Live… doubt it though, every series of HK and Kitchen Nightmares seems to go more for the melodrama over any real substance.

    A damn shame, bring on more Cookalong I say.

  2. Ten has an agreement with Fox, so I would say they would deifnitely have the rights to this. I agree, it shouldn’t be shown on TEN, maybe the third channel if that’s the route they go down. The Australian tone of MC is unique and they should preserve it at all cost

  3. @ryaneco, i agree with you (if ten do have the rights), that if they air it, it will end our version. Unless they air it during the daytime, or very late at night

  4. I wonder if a network here will get the rights to this.

    If Ten get the rights (or have them by default) it may ruin the Masterchef Australia tone; if anything I think it should go to their 3rd channel when that starts up.

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