Here’s to the ladies who lunch

The girls from The Circle finally got some time to meet with media on Friday, with a lunch at Melbourne’s Riva restaurant on the Elwood foreshore.

It’s been a hectic time since putting the show on its feet for both cast and crew.

Joining them were a number of TEN celebs including Dr. Chris Brown and Charlie Pickering, plus media from print, radio and online. Many remarked on the group’s natural rapport.

TEN Melbourne General Manager Kerry Kingston congratulated the team for their upbeat start and noted that the show was ahead of where the network expected it to be so soon.

But competition hots up from tomorrow when a rejuvenated Kerri-Anne returns to screen following the end of the the Olympics.

Producer Pam Barnes noted that the daily turnaround of sets for both The Circle and The 7PM Project in the same studio was proving to be a challenge, but crews were now getting it down to a fine art.

Denise Drysdale, who had planned to drop back to 2 days a week co-hosting, will now be appearing 3 days a week instead. Initial talk of a fifth guest presenter appears to have been put on hold.

The show airs from 10am-12pm weekdays on TEN.


  1. I watch the circle regularly. The girls are hilarious, Denise is the stand out she’s so genuinely crazy and funny. why can’t she be on 5 days a week??? I watch it mainly for Denise…

  2. franz chong

    60,000 is not too bad considering most of your would be market are most likely working with the exception of people who do evening or night shift work,the retired and housewives.there are probably one or two other categories I might have forgotten about.

  3. I hope 10 sticks with it and lets it grow – it sounds a lot whole better than that disastrous mess with Libby Gorr a couple of years back. I caught a little bit, and thought it seemed fun and lively. Chrissie doesn’t hold back, Yumi has come a long way I reckon. Didn’t see Denise – she would be the drawcard for me – having grown up watching her. like a comfy pair of slippers – Denise is daffy, charming and lots of fun. I hope the show finds its audience.

  4. I tape the show and watch after work always get a good laugh out of the ladies,they get along well and laugh a lot ,yes it typical morning tv the info commerials.But having Denise on it makes it really worth watching the funny truthful comments she makes .Denise is a legend love her,3 days a week is better than no Denise,hope it can get the ratings when the Kerri-Anne show returns.

  5. Do you all really expect this show to get 1,00,000 plus viewers??

    You are all crazy!

    This isn’t in prime time 7-9pm slot, so stop dreaming.

    Don’t bag the show for getting the raitings it does.

    It’s going well

  6. These girls are really funny and deserve to be No1 in the morning show ratings. Channel 10 need to move it to 9am to be more competitive. The 1 hour news is just a filler anyway.

  7. Ratings-wise, the show is a disaster, but I have tuned in quite a few times and it’s really pretty good. The Morning Show’s endless “Top 5 worst wedding disasters”-style lists get really boring, no matter how great Larry and Kylie are.

  8. Ten has no idea. Why do they pretend these shows are doing well, when clearly they are not. They live in their cloistered world,blocking out reality

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