Kimmel out of Comedy

With the return of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Comedy Channel has removed Jimmy Kimmel Live! from its line-up.

With the return of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Comedy Channel has removed Jimmy Kimmel Live! from its line-up.

And it doesn’t look like he’s coming back anytime soon.

A Foxtel spokesperson told TV Tonight, “The Comedy Channel felt the schedule was crowded with talk shows, and while it trialled Jimmy Kimmel over the last six months, unfortunately it performed below expectations.

“As a result, the Late Night Legends line up has been re-jigged to include The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Kimmel fans might want to start pestering ABC and seeing if it can get picked up for ABC2.

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  1. The idea for The Comedy Channel’s new channel just for talk shows is a great idea. Maybe W and Arena can put all their talk shows on that channel, like: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live !, Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Montel, Rachael Ray, The Tyra Banks Show, Dr. Phil, Oprah and The View.

  2. David could you tell us if there is some sort of contractual or network reason why the Craig Ferguson show is not on our screens,anyone who has seen anything on you tube would have to agree he is the superior comedy talent on late night American TV.

  3. I’m disgusted by this decision, now that I’ve come to the realisation just how bad & unfunny Leno is (was very glad to see his show come back after all the others).

    Kimmel was great while it lasted, and his Jay Leno piss-take was the funniest thing I’ve seen on any of the late night shows for years – just as funny the 2nd time they repeated it.

    Why not get rid of Letterman – he’s on Ten anyway (and I’d rather watch it in high quality widescreen on Ten, than cropped crap quality on Comedy), or palm him or maybe Fallon, who is nowhere near as funny as Kimmel, to another channel.

    Piss-poor decision really – “kings of late night” … “check out our new line” … bla bla bla … “oh wait, we’re showing too many fresh shows each night now, better axe one” — and here I too was hoping they’d add Craig Ferguson – guess theres no chance of that now.

  4. What i thinks a bit of a misstep with foxtel. Why not shift some of these onto other channels? Give some variety. I agree the late night block was too crowded on Comedy, however why not shift one or two shows over to a couple different channels? Letterman used to be on Arena for instance. Why not move leno over there with fallon, then it frees up a couple spots.
    I don’t know how it all works with different channels run by different people but a good solid late night line up on several channels surely would be good? I’m sure it’s cheap to buy and more valuable than repeats of other shows?

    They know when/if conan starts at fox later in the year there will be demand for that, that’d have to put it on. Although that being on fox in the states would prob guarantee it’d be on here in some form.

  5. We are currently running a petition to get Craig Ferguson on the air over on my blog.


    Apologies for the self-promotion, but it’s really for the greater good. Australia needs the farty King of late late night on our screens.

  6. I noticed this the other night when I settled down for my regular dose of Jimmy (timeshifted on the IQ2). The Comedy Channel has dropped the ball on this one big time.

    I gave Fallon a go but he always seemed to be trying too hard. Does he still do that tenpin bowling crap whenever a joke bombed?

    What makes Kimmel being dropped harder for me is that the show’s YouTube channel recently added a region block so I can’t even get my fix that way. I understand this was probably done to protect their contract with TCC, but now that’s gone, hopefully Jimmy will be back, at least as YouTube clips. I’m not holding my breath though…

    Meanwhile TCC continue to show their millionth Man Show rerun..

  7. If thecomedychannel were smart they would look at keeping it as you can now see other shows of their’s on ABC2 so they need to offer something different to justify their audience keeping their subscription.

  8. What a load of crap! Jimmy Kimmel was smack bang in the middle of Conan, Fallon & Letterman.. So you’re telling me people tuned out in between the other 2 shows? I don’t think so. Also there were 4 shows and now 3. Leno replaced Conan but they ditch a show? More like Leno was more expensive to play.

    Letterman used to be on Arena, why can’t Arena take back Letterman or add Kimmel? We all know how these foxtel channels work anyway, they will put something on 1 channel for a while then move it to a different channel that you have to pay extra for.

    I still say screw them all and get Craig Ferguson on!

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