My Kitchen Rules finale

Seven's new cooking reality show My Kitchen Rules will have its Grand Final on Monday March 22nd.

Seven’s new cooking reality show My Kitchen Rules will have its Grand Final on Monday March 22nd.

In the 90 minute finale, one team will win $100,000.

As noted previously, this pushes Desperate Housewives back to 9pm and Brothers and Sisters to 10pm.

The following night Seven will screen Border Security at 7:30pm followed by The Force.

Seven is already on the hunt for new contestants for a second season of MKR.

Meanwhile when The Bounce premieres at 7:30pm Wednesday March 24 in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, its episodes of RSPCA Animal Rescue and Crash Investigation Unit will shift to 7:30 / 8:00 Thursday.

Ghost Whisperer appears to be out of schedule from that week.

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  1. What a dissappointing end to a rather enjoyable series. Poor judging the past two weeks has made this excrutiating to watch. A repeat of Master chef where talent and technique comes second to plain boring food. 9 for squid and rocket – come on. Then again I recall Pete Evans congratulating this couple for using store cooked prawns – joke.

  2. Very good to limit the season length and have it all about the inital rounds and then eliminations… run it twice a year for six weeks rather than a 3 month season – much more effective.

  3. i find it strange that they would go to soo much trouble to build that huge kitchen set in prime real estate just for 5 episodes of tv. the last few episodes have been a bit rushed and crammed a lot into the 60mins (although i’d rather that than the dragged out format like SYTYCDA) surely they could have atleast made it 6 episodes and run it on Tuesday as well.

  4. I agree Kaz I was looking forward to seeing what the teams were going to do after their home restaurant challenge but didn’t expect it to all go so quickly. Hopefully series 2 will go longer.

  5. Despite my reservations, I really like this show. The semi-final round has seemed a bit rushed however. or maybe that’s just me ??
    Looking forward to the next series, and how they will ‘shock’ us next time round!

  6. i think it should read 7.30/8.00 thursday for RSPCA/CIU right?

    i love this show, wouldn’t mind if it came back this year for its second season. Its better then all the factuals that would no doubt take its place from now on!

    Ghost Whisperer should move to 7two in place of 24 after it finishes, would do well after UB. Or in place of ugly betty, giving that show a bit of a break. Its been going for nearly 5 months without a break!

  7. They sure have rushed through this series, here and gone within 2 months… not that that is a bad thing, it’s worked really well and it’s hard to get bored whilst watching it.

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