Ovation confirms Foxtel, Austar add-on.

Ovation has confirmed its earlier online announcement that it would become an add-on channel to Foxtel viewers from June 1st and adds Austar to the list.

It will also be the only general entertainment channel to be available this way, following Setanta Sports as a stand-alone offering.

Gerry Travers, Managing Director of Ovation said, “Our viewers are passionate about the channel and have told us they want Ovation to continue.”

Updated: The fee for Foxtel viewers can be either a one-off  payment of $119.00 or monthly deduction of approx. $10 per month, but must be subscribed as a 12 month commitment.

Viewers who take Austar’s Starter Pack will be able to add the channel as an add-on at $6.00 per month.

The arts channel says it received overwhelming support from its viewers following the advice that Foxtel and Austar would not be renewing the channel as part of their platforms after March 31st. Both platforms are offering SBS-managed STVDIO from April 1st on the same packages that offered Ovation.

Ovation has been part of Foxtel for 13 years with a largely 40-plus audience and was pivotal to the success of Andre Rieu in Australia. There has been some speculation Foxtel executives grew increasingly frustrated by his dominance over the channel’s programming.

When it recommences in June, Ovation will offer new and advertisement-free programmes plus special offers, discounts to concerts, events, DVDs and more.

Channel Ambassador Ita Buttrose will return to the channel in June, hosting Ita’s Musical Theatre on Saturday nights.

Existing Foxtel customers will be able to subscribe to Ovation directly, by calling 1300 682 846.

Existing Austar customers can subscribe by calling 132 432.


  1. STVDIO = rubbush
    Ovation = good value

    Foxtel has ripped of thousands of customers by removal of Ovation and replacing with an inferior product but Not reducing package fees.


  2. I am fed up with nearly all Foxtel programs repeats from free to air and shown previously on Foxtel…not to mention the ads!…not good value for my subscription…seriously considering cancellation

  3. Les Phillips

    Ovation was part of my package not STVDIO. i allways watch Ovation at least three times a week,i do not like stvdio and i will not pay for Ovation when it was part of my package and if it is not returned by June 2010 i ring Telstra and cancel my foxtel subscription.looks like bye bye foxy

  4. I’m sorry but I expect an Arts channel to actually have art on it; I do not consider Andre Rieu’s pastiche schtik art. It’s light entertainment at best and the Proms on Valium. The ABC does more art programming in a few hours on one Sunday Afternoon than Ovation does in a year. As the one Foxtel subscriber (probably) without the sports channels it would be great to have a proper arts dedicated channel on Foxtel. STVDIO take note: look at ABC Sunday Arts as a starting point Please!

  5. I have subscribed to Foxtel since its begining. Think this latest Ovation caper may be the last straw for me. How about giving long term users a bit of a break. After all we’ve seen most of the Foxtel programs many times over.

  6. Thank God. Ovation promised a lot when it first went to air, but it never really delivered and has become stale. There has been far too much focus on Andre Rieu/Helmut Lotti and very little else. All those infomecrials were totally unwanted.

    i’m a 40+ female, despite being in the target demographic I found very little to watch on Ovation, l’ve looked through Studio’s April program and it looks great. I won’t be bothering to add Ovation to my package.

  7. I don’t think I will be missing much when ovation goes.
    Surely they get enough from all the commercial on pay tv. there are just as many now as normal tv.
    Im wondering how long it will be before we have to start paying extra for other channels.

  8. If this is the start of pricing for channels my platinium goes, no more foxtel.
    They get enough from us and Commercials.
    We need real competition….

  9. A little more detail has come thru for Foxtel subscribers. Must be a 12 month subscription but can be paid either as a one-off lump sum or monthly deduction. This is done direct with Ovation not Foxtel.

  10. “When it recommences in June, Ovation will offer new and advertisement-free programmes ”
    If they had done this in the first place instead of the endless concert repeats maybe they would still be on Foxtel as part of the package.
    My Foxtel magazine arrived yesterday and already I have circled over 50 shows I must watch on Stvdio. This channel before it even starts broadcasting is looking more interesting than Ovation.

  11. When I first subscribed to Foxtel (7 years ago) I had reason to watch Ovation at least 2-3 times a week as they used to run some really good bio style docos and concerts. However, as time went on the quality and variety dropped off. I kind of hope they make a go of it as a stand alone add-on, but there’s no way I’ll be subscribing.

  12. $119 a year for Ovation??? Bwahahahahaha!!!

    I think they are seriously kidding themselves if they think people will pay that much for an arts channel.

    There may be a handful of hardcore Andre Rieu fans who will fork over the cash, but the majority of pay tv subscribers will not pay for such a niche product, especially when they can watch STVDIO as part of their basic package at no extra cost.

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