Prisoner star on Spicks & Specks

Former Prisoner cast member Colette Mann will appear on Wednesday's Spicks and Specks.

Prisoner tragics (and I am one of them) just an alert that former cast member Colette Mann (‘Doreen’) will appear tonight on Spicks and Specks.

She is joined by Something for Kate front-man Paul Dempsey, comedian/writer Tony Martin and host of Sleuth 101 Cal Wilson. Music is provided by The Beez. Sounds like a pretty good line-up.

ABC was unable to supply any photo dammit.

Athough it is repeated on ABC2 on Thursday night, the show isn’t on iView due to music rights issues.

On the subject of tonight’s line-up, a reminder that racy episode of Make me a Supermodel (US) airs tonight at 10:30pm on 7TWO.

You have been warned / reminded!

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  1. Yes definitely, why isn’t one of the biggest shows to ever come out of Australia being repeated somewhere? And how can Ten not have the rights when they were the ones that made the thing???

    Who knows maybe with Ten’s third digital channel coming out soon they may just put it in primetime. Well here’s hoping!

  2. Prisoner remains one of my all time favourite series

    I remember e-mailing Channel 10 many years ago and they indicated they no longer had the rights to the series and had no intention of repurchasing the rights.

    Personally, I believe that Prisoner would make a great addition to the Hallmark Channel which already has quite a few Australian TV series.

    If all else fails, I will eventually purchase the complete dvd box set of the series (once the price comes down a bit)

  3. Might ‘afta watch to see the old Dooorr.

    Yes – why is Prisoner not on again somewhere – was last on UKTV ending in 2002 from memory. In the ealry 90’s, Ten had repeats at 3-4am.

    Damn you informercials – they are the death of creative overnight TV programming!

  4. @ David and Geoff Field
    i am also a prisoner tragic who has every episode but i also want prisoner to be repeated on ten or any of foxtels channels will be taping spicks and specks tonight

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