Reality check as Survivor speeds past Amazing Race

Aussie reality fans used to get fresh Amazing Race and wonder where Survivor was. Now it's the reverse.

A rather curious situation has emerged for Australian fans of reality television.

Instead of enjoying fastracked episodes of The Amazing Race and lamenting an absent Survivor from our screens ….now the situation has reversed.

Tonight Nine’s episode of Survivor: Heroes v Villains is the latest episode, which aired late last week in the US.

Meanwhile Seven shows no signs of airing the new episodes of The Amazing Race, which is now seven episodes old in its latest cycle in the US.

Normally it was Seven who has been relatively prompt with the fast turnaround of episodes, including airing double episodes to catch-up.

Now Seven’s Thursday line-up features its new football shows, plus Cougar Town, How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy and at 9:30pm reruns of Thank God You’re Here. Why it didn’t air TAR at its traditional 9:30 slot is a tad perplexing.

TV Tonight hears it could still be two months away.

However after Easter another show will move into the 9:30pm slot, and it could well be FlashForward. If it doesn’t fire, expect Phil Keoghan to step in with his race mat.

Meanwhile Survivor is proving an entertaining ride with Russell and Boston Rob out to thwart each other and big boy James surviving last week’s vote despite his obvious wounds.

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  1. I used tio love Thursdays on &. But now it is crap after crap. How I met your Mother is the only show I bother with. And I tape that and watch it later. And what happened to Ghost Whisperer??????

  2. TGYH repeats are rating sh*tely. TAR has done decently in the Thursday 9:30pm slot. Nobody wants to see TGYH repeats. There are a crapload of people who would like to view TAR legally. Can Seven not connect the dots?

  3. i usually watch it with my daughter and best mate – we watch the whole lot back to back – it makes for a very exciting time – but just means i have to avoid those sites on the net that give TAR info

  4. Used to love watching TAR and it provided an excellent lead in program to a Big Dose of Family Guy.How does those old Thank God Youre Here Episodes Compare.Anything has got to be better than those

  5. i will be awaiting the email from my season dvd supplier from the states for the show.. show much better to watch to view it all in one sitting.. adds to the fun of the show.

  6. A few years ago, Seven led the way with faat tracking. Now they are way behind both Nine and Ten in the amount of content they fast track. I would guess that they are not that fussed though, given the fact they win overall ratings all the time.

    I too cannot undertsnad the logic in Thank God You’re Here repeats instead of Amazing Race. Problem is – the older Amazing race gets, the less ratings it will attract – not necessarily due to downloads – but due to people already knowing some of the outcomes from US chat / entertainment shows like ET, Ellen, etc and the internet.

  7. Survivor had a one-week outage in the US two weeks ago (not sure why, and don’t really care!) hence Nine has caught up. And though I still think my HD is better than their HD 😉 it’s a really admirable state of affairs for Australian fans.

    What a shame it took Nine years of ignoring local Survivor fans before they got a clue. Probably lost hundreds of thousands of viewers right there.

  8. The new eps of FlashForward are great so far, but with the low ratings I can see why Seven is holding off showing it.

    As for TAR it’s the mystery of TV programing why they would prefer re-runs of TGYH over new TAR but I guess it comes down to ratings?

  9. Seven’s track record with TAR is very patchy. it was only the series shown here late last year of TAR that was fast-tracked. The season before that was shown here about 9-10 months after the US.

    The only other time I call recall TAR being fast-tracked here was the series that featured the teams in Australia and Seven rushed that one to air, but most other series have been considerably delayed in getting here.

    I think it’s a shame that Seven did so well to keep us up to date with the US late last year and now they’re falling back into the same delaying tactic.

  10. channel 7 you’re too slow mate!

    Hopfully it can hit our screen sooner than later. Yes, you would think TAR would be played at the Thursday 9:30pm slot considering it did well in the past at that slot.

    Meanwhile, I think I might have spoilt myself who gets kick off in Survivor tonight…. arrgghh.

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