Rudd v Abbott, Insight v National Press Club

Tomorrow night’s Insight might be just a week too late going to air.

In 2007 it brought together swinging voters from across Australia to talk about what was swaying their vote back then. Now the same voters return to tell us what they are thinking about Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott. What factors are really swinging their vote? What are the issues biting voters in their electorate? Is it hospital reform, climate change or parental leave? It airs at 7:30pm on SBS ONE.

But tomorrow afternoon the two leaders go head to head in a debate on health in front of the National Press Club, which probably affects the mood of swinging voters. It airs at 12:30pm on ABC1.

UPDATED: Nine will also air Nine News Special: Leader’s Debate hosted by Tracy Grimshaw at 12:25pm AEDT following an extended Nine News from 11am. The View will air from 1:40pm and Days of our Lives at 2:35pm. Please adjust times for Daylight Saving accordingly.

12:00 pm Everybody Loves Raymond
12:30 pm The Leaders’ Debate
01:30 pm Malcolm In The Middle

Seven: Seven News will present a live broadcast of tomorrow’s Health Debate between Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, hosted by Chris Bath. Seven’s coverage will include expert analysis and feature live reactions to the debate from Australian voters with the return of the “Polliegraph”. The Seven News special will air commercial free from 12.30pm.


  1. I take it that Dean is being factitious as no intelligent voter would require the help of a little line to guide you in forming an opinion on what a politician is saying, unless you are devoid of intelligence or need the comfort of conformity,one would be best served watching “Days of our lives” and please don’t register to vote.

  2. I hate to congratulate Seven, but good on them for bringing back the worm. I was going to watch Sky but the worm is too good to refuse. I will flick back to Sky for David Speers’ commentary though.

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