Special deal for Hamish & Andy

Radio duo Hamish and Andy have signed a deal with Channel TEN for more specials.

The Sunday Herald sun reports Hamish and Andy have signed a deal with Channel TEN for more specials.

“It’s no secret Hamish and Andy are the most keenly sought after television talent around,” TEN’s David Mott said.

“It’s great news for us and we can’t wait to see what they have planned.”

The tireless radio duo have proven just as popular on television with several of their former specials, many of which have been piggybacked onto radio events, including a recent roadtrip in the US. Whilst networks have been keen to utilise them more they have been reluctant to over-expose themselves and expand a busy schedule.

There are some suggestions they could be posed to take over Rove McManus’ vacated Sunday slot, but at the moment the lucrative deal is for specials, and is likely to allow them to make appearances on other projects.

Blake remains one of television’s most popular personalities thanks to extra appearances such as Spicks and Specks.

Source: Sunday Herald Sun

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  1. I don’t mind the odd special or apperance on The 7pm Project, but anything else would be an overkill. It’s like Rove, I liked him in the beginning and then he got too annoying.

  2. I noted the release from Ten used the wording ‘exclusive deal’ – I suppose this means the end of their appearances on the likes of Spicks and Specks and Thank God You’re Here?

  3. It’s funny I actually like their low rating show from 2004 (maybe because of people like Chris Lilley were involved)) however since they become popular I never really cared for them.

  4. If these guys were the most keenly sought after television talent around, I’d doubt they would have been signed by Ten.

    Whilst their specials certainly rated strongly, I’m not sure a regular show would do as well. Remember the deplorable “Real Stories”.

  5. I love these guys.

    They are so funny on their radio show.

    Keep them as specials. If they were given their own tv show which was weekly like Rove, it would cause them to be over-exposed to much and people would loose interest in them.

    like rove. he was popular at the start but by the end people got tired of him.

    don’t over expose them and their specials will rate high

  6. Hamish is awesome. Would love to see these guys take over Rove’s old slot. If they added a few more people to their posse they could share the workload for a regular television show e.g. other writer/performers or comics.

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