Sunday Night exposes paparazzi, but Seven loves Bingle

How is it Sunday Night runs a story on shameless paparazzi when everyone has been chasing Lara Bingle all week?

“Imagine living your every waking moment under constant glare. Your every moment stalked, staked out and snapped,” Chris Bath said on Sunday Night last night.

The story was about the Hollywood paparazzi and how they shamelessly stalk celebrities in public places.

Reporter Rahni Sadler spent time with some of the most successful in the snapshot game.

But the story was poorly timed to run by Seven.

Didn’t they just devote a slew of time and resources to capturing Lara Bingle’s every move last week?

Today Tonight even ran exclusive footage of a fuming Bingle in a car park last week.

Maybe Chris Bath should be asking Lara Bingle: “Imagine living your every waking moment under constant glare. Your every moment stalked, staked out and snapped?”

That would be a story worth hearing, but for all the wrong reasons.

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  1. Morph, in this case the actions of both the “professional crews” and paparazzi boil down to the same thing: stalking people of interest. Whether they’re interesting because of a media scandal or just by being famous makes no difference… the actions of the photographers are the same. In neither case does the end justify the means.

    Did anyone see the story on Media Watch the other night, about the lengths a Herald Sun photographer went to to get a pic of Nicole McCabe?


  2. @t.v. watcher When your career amounts to auctioning off your private life to the highest bidder, these things happen. She’s still doing it – selling stories to women’s mags and trying to sell a reality show – and now her brother and mother have joined the fun. She can cop it or stop it.

  3. There is a big difference between Paparazzi and tv crews. Paparazzi are(so called) Photo Journalists and pursue People not “stories” !!!

    Lara Chucky Bingle is being targeted because of an obvious media interest at the moment. So I guess soon she will be off the radar by all profesional crews, don’t you think ???

  4. 7 has gone hard after Bingle, presumably in an attempt to justify the actions of a 7 reporter who allegedly leaked the shower photo in the first place. Max Markson made a point of mentioning it, which didn’t win him any friends with that station.

  5. Their much hyped Scientology story was a load of garbage also.
    They really showed nothing new and the questions from the Anglican priest were pretty old hat. I thought a 10 minute story was not enough to be able to answer Mike Munro’s question – do you think it is a religion?….like that sort of feedback matters anyway. (ps. I am not a supporter of Scientology or channel 7 for that matter)

  6. Today Tonight was practically gloating about having Lara Bingle cornered in a car park, surrounded by phtographers with ‘no way out’ last week, so excuse me while I laugh out loud at the thought of channel 7 running a story on those ‘shameless’ paparazzi while they sit back and pretend they’re so much better.

  7. Shame. Shame. Shame 7. Give the girl a break. She’s a naive 22yr old girl. Give her her life back. And then they run this story, bloody hypocrites. Mike munro was once a reporter with cred, but he too it seems has been swallowed into the gossip mills and tabloid media juggernought. Thankfully we still have George Negus, Jana Wendt and Jenny Brockie. It remains a great shame that the media has delved so low. Factual reporting as opposed to tabloid media seems to have lost this day again. What a disgrace to the Australian reporters everywhere.

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