The end for Wilfred

“I don’t want to be a 40-year-old man talking to a guy in a dog-suit,” says Adam Zwar.

“I want to explore other characters. I could probably write Wilfred ’til I’m 70 but I’ve got everything I want out of these two series.”

And with that, dog-lovers everywhere will be lamenting the fact that Wilfred won’t be coming back for a third series.

The SBS comedy, which started its second season on air this week, has been the plaything of Zwar and co-creator Jason Gann for several years, first as a Tropfest film in 2001.

Zwar is keen to pursue other projects including his new ABC comedy Lowdown, about a showbiz reporter for a Sunday newspaper.

But Wilfred has also been sold as a concept to the US.

Jason Gann, now based in LA, says, “…I’m very involved with Wilfred but I can’t talk too much about that. But that’s looking good and so is a bunch of other stuff. I’m just loving being part of the industry over here.”

Meanwhile there are plenty more laughs to be had in the current series, including Stephen Curry’s cameo next Monday night as a talking cockatoo.

It airs 10pm Monday night on SBS ONE.

Source: Brisbane Times


  1. Michael Brearly

    I like the Wilfred articles. Keep them coming David. It seems SBS have been trying to do a clean-up job on Adam Zwar’s comments in today’s Herald Sun. But I guess you’re not allowed to report that because Evil will get cross.

  2. I love this show, just discovered it a few weeks ago and bought season one on the weekend and have already watched it all.

    Very funny show, so sad it will be the last season. But i guess at least it will go out on a high note.

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