The Matty Johns Show

Seven last night unveiled its new NRL entertainment show, heralding the television return of Matthew Johns.

Didn’t really understand The Matty Johns Show so I’ll hold off doing a formal review.

But it seemed pretty rough with some surprising moments for a 7:30 family show (Willie Mason’s “an absolute load of sh*t” interview being one). Comedy sketches needed better writing, but nice to see Tony Bonner back on the telly. Jason Steven’s interview with Ke$ha was positively awkward. Does Shane Webcke have a suit that fits? Thank goodness for Paul Kent.

A more considered review today in the Daily Telegraph said:

The Matty Johns Show was bright and entertaining, but lacked a lot of serious footy – as you’d expect in a 7.30pm timeslot.

The biggest criticism would be that the producers tried to jam too much in to one hour of television.

From the opening we had gardening guru Don Kirk at Terry Campese’s house, Andrew Ryan shooting a piece from his home town Dubbo, a quick appearance from Eels stars Nathan Hindmarsh and Eric Grothe plus a couple of rapid-fire game previews squeezed in between.

By far the best segment was Controversy Corner with the appearance of big Willie Mason to try to explain his exit from the Roosters.

Your reviews?

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  1. Hay matty love the show love the skits. As far as the footy show on ”9” go’s your out in front by far. As a footy fan ”’ Go the tigers”” if you and webby and 7 could talk more footy with the players and mybe the supporters it would be so much better to sit down on a thursday night with my 3 boys who are all nrl fans and enjoy.”’ Not telling you how to run your show ” In soming up just more football please?
    The 4 footy heads .
    p.s Go NRL Go the Tigers.

  2. please no more channel 7s celebs sonia krugger please. shane webke is hopeless on tv who picked him,more football less 7 stars they are all over rated anyway just talk footy keep skits another co host on ya way back

  3. This show is as dry as The Simpson Desert as the only way a person could get excited would be to induldge in red soft drink & be hyperactive.As for Matty Johns
    to condone other people’s misdemeanors on Channel 9 prior to his own, wake up
    Channel 7 the more sports celebrity’s stuff up the bigger the headlines followed by larger pay packets & swelled heads with an audience with a five minute memory.

  4. I’ts great to see Matty back on TV. To all of you who expected the show to be all about rugby league, stiff sausage! It’s called “The Matty Johns Show”, and that’s just what it is. How many more shows totally revolving around rugby league do you want to see on television, for freakin’ sake? Welcome back Matty!

  5. enjoyed the show, but i think a longer time slot is needed, because the footy related segments were rushed.
    the very first opening “comedy”WTF?!? “taxi” skit was embarrasing, and cringe worthy.
    its the first episode, and can only get better from here.
    i will watch it again next thursday night.
    remember when the 7pm project first started, and how sh!t that was, now its a popular program.

  6. The show was alsolutely rubbish , unfunny, there are some ppl on a facebook web page raving about it, i just dont get it, iam sorry but is was crap, if the same sort of thing is on next few weeks, it will be off air soon after.

  7. I’m a big fan of matty but that was bad Sorry…
    For a footy show not knowing where the games are being played is not good enough…
    The Manly Sea Eagles Vs Newcastle Knights match is to be played @ Bluetongue Stadium in Gosford not Brookvale Oval.
    It seemed rushed & all over the place i hope it gets better for matty sake.

  8. It was ok – light entertainment – a bit cringe worthy at times but overall ok. The show needs a bit of improvement like all new shows – less stuff crammed in and not so many Matty John skits – he is ok but some of the skits were a bit daggy. I like and watch Rugby league and the show was ok to me – the Willie Mason interview was riveting and interesting – he is so arrogant!
    I still prefer the NRL footy show though – I like Fatty and Sterlo.

  9. I liked it. My favourite character was The Man Child – the others were a bit dated. Anh Do was great, I’d like him to be on the panel also. More footy talk is required, but the show was rather tight – in a good way.

  10. i didn’t watch this show, but its seems to more comedy rather than about the actual sport, thats why when it comes to afl i prefer footy classified over the footy show, oh and because of sam newmen lol.

  11. First up, Matty Johns is a very likable Character but I think last nights show showed up his lack of Star Quality. I dont think he can carry a show based on his humour, lets be honest, he’s not THAT funny.

    The set looked cold and un-welcomming and like the other poeple have said they tried to fit too much into the hour.

    I’d leave it alone if I was you Matty.

  12. i cringed all the way through it.
    i agree they tried to cram to much into the show and the show seemed rushed
    matty looked very nervous and was missing the laid back larrickan that we expect from him.
    the skits were abysmal old and tired.
    controversey corner was probaly the high light
    i turned off after 40min
    but will excuse first night nerves and give them a chance next week.
    but i think they will need to improve a %100 to survive more than a few shows

  13. Paul Kent works for the Daily Tele doesn’t he? That would explain all the good press from that paper towards the show before it even started and now after it’s first show. I only watched the first 5-10 minutes of it and did not find any of the Don Kurke stuff funny at all. It was really cringe worthy to me. Never found Matty Johns to be funny when he was on The Footy Show and he still isnt funny on his own show. According to the seven news in QLD last night, “Seven take a bold step in to Rugby League coverage tonight”.. Well if that is a bold step then man kind has no hope of doing anything great in the future if The Matty Johns show is anything to go by. But it just goes to show that people will watch anything and think it is great…

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