Underbelly claim dismissed

An ex-police woman who was seeking access to episodes of Underbelly: The Golden Mile with suggestions she had been defamed has lost a courtcase in the Supreme Court today.

Wendy Hatfield alleges the book Underbelly: The Golden Mile defames her by claiming she had a sexual relationship with John Ibrahim, and therefore the Nine series upon which it is based also defames her. She had not seen the Nine series.

But Justice Ian Harrison ruled in favour of Nine and Screentime.

“It does not appear to me at present that the plaintiff may be entitled either to make a claim for damages for defamation against any of the defendants or that she may be entitled to make a claim for interlocutory relief to enjoin them from publication of the series,” he said.

The series will air on Nine after Easter.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. I have to agree it is the worng palce to go after, the lady should have gone after the book if she had such a problem with it. I for one have read the book and do not see what the big fuss is about. This charatcer has such a small part in the book that you kind of forgett her as soon as your are in the next chapter. As for Under Belly being aired on Nine after Easter, I am Sooo sick of seeing the coming soon ads. I just want to see the show. By the way the book is based on the Wood Royal Commission with a chapter dedicated to different investigations that took place as part of teh wood royal commission. Very very very good. and well worth the read. It however sounds completly different to how the Underbeely 3 Golden Mile is going to be.

    Ps its Great to see Australian drama of this quality regardless of weather or not it is true or fictional. .

  2. Well, I’m sure the rubric up front says “Based On” true events – at least some part of it is always going to be fictionalised. Nobody really knows what happened unless they were there, but many who were there have good reasons to rewrite history.

  3. Nine haters…… the book was written well before Nine picked it up…. she had ample opportunity to state her case. She went after the wrong thing…. too late as well

  4. if the ex-police women believes that the eps may contain lies about her, then i believe she has every right to see the tapes so she can take futher action against nine before it goes to air and the damage is already done.

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