“We’re having technical difficulties as you can see…”

A volunteer news reporter for WVLT TV Volunteer News had a bit of a hissy fit reporting on the trial of a child killer outside a courthouse in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Everything seemed to be going well until he had finished explaining the outcome of the case, and then he shifted to editorialising.

The presenter back in the studio tried to pass it off as “technical difficulties…”


  1. It really just looks like they were late cutting back to the studio and the reporter thought that he was no longer on the air… I’m sure a lot of OB reporters have something extra to say after a live cross if the report affects them on a personal level, or they weren’t happy with their delivery…

  2. The reporter wasn’t a volunteer; “Volunteer TV” is the name of the station. It looks like the guy (who is also the weekend newsreader according to Wikipedia) fluffed his lines and lost it big time 🙂

  3. Well, think you are reaching a bit there, he did state the reporters frustration. so not sure he was passing it off as you stated.Sorry the media is on my hit list at the moment since the abc, news.com.au etc had a go at the indian media over that childs death when those two outlets were the first two to desperately try and link it to “racism”, as they did in perth. wrong in both cases, no apologies given to the australian people, so i am on a analytical juggernaut on “truism in reporting” at the moment.

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