Airdate: Australian Families of Crime. Bumped: V

Last night Nine rushed to air an episode from its crime documentary series, Australian Families of Crime, that featured Carl Williams.

It was an astute programming move, to capitalise on the news-making death of the convicted killer yesterday.

Narrated by Vince Colosimo, it included interviews with Age journalist John Silvester (Leadbelly), investigative journalist Adam Shand, broadcaster Derryn Hinch plus archival footage and dramatic re-enactments.

This Sunday it officially premieres the rest of the series with “Backpack Bloodshed: Ivan Milat”

Join Vince Colosimo as he presents the torrid details of the notorious Milat family. Some members of the family continue to support Ivan Milat, the nation’s worst serial killer, but Ivan’s brother Boris sheds light on the real Ivan.

This pushes V back to 10:30pm. This will be the third new starting time for the sci fi series.

The movie Underworld is not out with the 11:30pm timeslot TBA.


  1. How do you think go! is going to find the space for v, gosh golly, they are only in there 5th rerun of bewitched/jeanie/frasier/seinfeld/greenacres in 12 months going to air…there is no time slot available.

  2. There’s only six episodes left in this season, so Nine better show them all! I’m really enjoying the new V. Just as good as the first miniseries, and waaaaaaaaay better than the eventual weekly version.

  3. V should be on Fox 8 (and Fox 8 HD).

    Why channel 9 took on V in the first place is typical of 9’s arrogance. But what would you expected from a company who’s response to me when i asked why they were showing the dragons/storm game on 2 hours delay was to tell me that if i didn’t like it to not watch 9.

    They did the same thing with Fringe and the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Neither were ever going to be mainstream, but 9 took them, moved then around ever other week and finally they dissapeared without notice/

  4. No surprise about the show V,i predicted this show would not last long and going against a few so called experts that thought differently.These people have no idea,i’m the expert and generally correct lol

  5. Squirrel : Yes, she did eat up that yummy morsel but the rodent scene in the original was witnessed by humans and had bigger shock value. I still like the show though.

  6. Sooooo not surprised. Despite the fact that V is kinda slow. Because you know, channel 9 is known for its stellar handling of science fiction. Not.

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