Airdate: The Pacific

HBO miniseries The Pacific will take on Hey Hey it’s Saturday when it premieres at 8:30pm Wednesday April 14th on Seven.

The lavish $200m miniseries, which has Seven funding in it, is part of the network’s renewed push in the return of survey ratings.

It’s no coincidence that Seven is airing the movie Saving Private Ryan next Wednesday night. The network also did its best to whet appetites with Band of Brothers over summer -all three were produced by the Spielberg / Hanks team.

This one has been a long time coming.

Worth the wait.


  1. @Paull

    Twin HD tuner PVRs have dropped considerably. I’d still avoid the junk brands, but last week JB had the Beyonwiz L1 for $399 and this week they have the Homecast 8200 for $395, both are a decent quality unit.

    If you only want SD channels (and at this stage that’s all you do need) you can still source the lower end Topfields (like the 5000MP & the 6000) for a couple of hundred bucks and then you can run TAPs to auto-add schedules.

  2. Hectic.. bad enough with Lost and Fringe on at the same time, but soon Hey Hey will be in on the mix and now The Pacific? Couldn’t a different night be chosen for this?

    I can only hope 7 does encore episodes for the whole series, whether it be on 7 itself or 7Two, otherwise I’ll have to be making use of the online catch up services.

  3. I can’t believe Seven didn’t fastrack this. As usual Australia is one of the last countries to air this – just check Wiki. Especially since it’s about the fight “for Australia”

    I thinks CM is moving to Tuesdays, at least that’s what they said at the end of last nights episode.

  4. I can’t wait for this one. However, as it clashes with the final two weeks of So You Think You Can Dance, I will have to watch the first two episodes of The Pacific on PLUS7 during the weekend.

  5. Damn! Now I have a 3 programs vying for my attention at the same time (Hey Hey, Pacific, Lost). Looks like I will have to go back to the less traditional way of watching Lost once this starts up!

  6. Yes worth the wait, lucky enough to have seen the first 2 parts and it’s great, solid acting, great production values and a decent story, I like the lead-ins for each part.

    Just a question this is around 55 min per ep, I guess on Seven it will run over 80 or 90 minutes with ads or do they have a deal in place for reduced ad breaks David?

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