Airdate: Total Wipeout UK

A third version of Wipeout, this time from the UK, will be seen on GO!

Hosted by Top Gear‘s Richard Hammond, this BBC version is also filmed on the course in Argentina used by the US and Australian editions. The name has been slightly altered to avoid confusion with the BBC version of the earlier game show of the same name.

20 contestants compete to win £10,000.

Hammond remains in the UK studio while Amanda Byram interviews the contestants from the course.

It airs weeknights from 6:30pm Monday April 19 on GO!


  1. I thought it was filmed in Argentina because of the ridiculously low insurance premiums over there. Filming it on the GC would be hella expensive.

  2. Craig, water restrictions mate.

    Even if they’re not up in QLD, would not look good for 9 to be throwing so much water about when we’re in drought.

  3. It seems like a strange choice to play this weeknights.

    I would rather they give this an allocated weekly timeslot rather than rushing through it.

    I know Top Gear now has a hold on that Sunday 6.30 Timeslot but how about giving up Big Bang on Sundays; the show is in like its third repeat screening now which is a little ridiculous.

  4. Ok do they have some contract with Argentina?

    I would have loved to see the local version shoot here, maybe on the Gold Coast? Maybe they I would have watched it 😆

    Richard Hammond doesn’t even go to the location!

    So I guess GO! is the only home for all versions of the show now?

  5. If you’re a Wipeout fan don’t watch this – it’ll only frustrate you. It’s one of the worst versions of the show, especially from the second series when they messed with the game play in the Wipeout Zone and allow people to skip obstacles they fall off – leading to farcical situations where despite being the worst performer on a number of obstacles you can end up winning the thing.

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