Airdate: Trauma

Seven will premiere NBC's drama which follows the work and personal lives of paramedics in San Francisco.

Seven will premiere NBC’s drama, Trauma, which follows the work and personal lives of seven paramedics and EMTs in San Francisco. They rescue by land, by sea or by air to reach and save their victims in time.

A month after its premiere NBC announced it would not order any further episodes, but after The Jay Leno Show had to be replaced it ordered three additional episodes of the series, bringing the order to 16 eps.

A hot new action packed drama that follows one of the most dangerous medical professions in the world: first responder paramedics. Emergency services are quickly notified and paramedics Tyler and Boone are the first to get the call when an electrician is hit by potentially fatal bolt of electicity. But this day has only just started as tragedy hits close to home, and the lives and paths of the team are forever changed.

It premieres 10:30pm Monday April 12th on Seven.

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  1. odd that they would try this after royal pains flopped there.

    no it’s not axed yet, the hollywood reporter reported that it was not getting a full season without official word from NBC a few weeks before it was picked up for a full season. but the US ratings are really bad, even in the desperate case NBC is in to fill slots next year it could not possibly get a second season with those numbers.

  2. Everything is failing in that timeslot and they still won’t give 30 Rock a chance at at 10.30pm. The Seven programmers are so biased against that show and stupidly not giving a great show, a fair go.

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