Bullet-proof Underbelly trims Biggest Loser finale

Underbelly may have shed 300,000 viewers last night but it was small change given the tough competition.

The Nine drama averaged 1.92m viewers, beating The Biggest Loser: The Winner Announced on 1.56m for the final 30 minutes of the reality contest with a peak of 1.8m.

The remaining 90 mins of The Biggest Loser: Finale Night averaged 1.38m.

Together with Nine News (1.36m), 60 Minutes (1.33m) the Nine Network won the night, pushing TEN into second place and Seven into third.

Seven News was just under 1.6m with The Force on 1.22m, Border Security on 1.2m and Bones had 1.17m. Sunday Night was 1.15m winning its slot ahead of 6:30 edition The Biggest Loser: The Final Weigh In (1.1m) and Domestic Blitz (1.03m).

Elsewhere TEN’s Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation was 1.23m while there was good news for the ABC with the premiere of the new-look Doctor Who on 1.03m, a good result given the tough competition.SBS’ best was Who Do You Think You Are? on 273,000.

Top Gear also pulled a cool 328,000 on GO!

Underbelly may yet pick up more viewers through Timeshifting results, which typically favour drama over reality. Nine will also repeat the episode this Wednesday at 10:30pm instead of a Cold Case repeat.

TEN’s chief programming officer, David Mott, said: “The Biggest Loser is an important part of our ‘big-event’ TV line-up.”

“Over the season, our eight contestant couples lost a total of 880 kilograms. Their extraordinary weight loss and transformation made for compelling television. The 2010 season has once again delivered plenty of inspiration for Australians looking to make their own positive lifestyle changes.”

Last year’s Biggest Loser took 2.09m viewers without quite so much tough competition.

Week 17


  1. last night’s episode of underbelly was a major disappointment. who ever portrayed danny ‘dk’ karam was pathetic with a supposed arabic accent that sounded like it came from some east european country.

    lucky it was recorded & iq has fast forward!

    v which was becoming boring picked up last night. it’s a shame more aussies don’t enjoy their sci fi.

  2. “Last year’s Biggest Loser took 2.09m viewers without quite so much tough competition.” Except last year’s highest rating drama, Underbelly?

    Given the average performance of The Biggest Loser throughout the year and the fact that it was up against Underbelly, this year’s finale did quite well I think.

  3. Wow new Who did well considering the numbers it pulled in through IView on the weekend as well!! More than 112,000 vistors (ie computers) hooked up to watch the program that way as well! Who said there wasn’t an audience for Sci-Fi in this country!!

  4. the show can rely only on finale night philm.

    i mean, if after 3 months of the show on 6 nights a week, it would be interesting to see if the show still retained viewer interest and if over 1 mill watched it, i’d say it is still a good show

  5. Wow, thats a huge night of TV with every commercial network hitting highs of over 1m for each show. The only thing I watched on FTA last night was on 7TWO – Car Crash Investigations from the UK for only the last half hour.

    I’m sure the timeshift results will show even bigger numbers considering the number of popular shows that were crammed into one evening.

  6. not suprised underbelly beat the biggest loser. 1.3 million is alright for them after pretty ordinary figures throughot the season compared to other years

  7. Loser was up against Underbelly last year aswell so there was quite a bit of competition.

    Still a good result but a 3 month series on 6 nights a week cant rely on just finale night.

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