Chooklotto frozen out of Hey Hey

Another blow to Hey Hey it’s Saturday has come in the form of Chooklotto being suspended.

The website has stopped taking applications and advises: “OFFLINE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.”

A Nine spokesperson told TV Tonight, “They’re not sure whether Chooklotto will feature as a segment again this year, hence it’s best not to take any more registrations.”

The segment appeared on Wednesday’s show, despite Jacki MacDonald being too unwell to travel to Melbourne and appearing via Skype from her bed. Without MacDonald the segment was a fizzer.

Save for the inclusion of an appearance by the ever-popular MacDonald, Chooklotto is pretty overshadowed by its successor Plucka Duck. The Plucka character and the interaction is much more entertaining (and we don’t really need to make gratuitous gags about Jacki bending over to pick up frozen chickens in 2010 do we?).

Host Daryl Somers recently grumbled about all the permits that were necessary to run Plucka Duck and Chooklotto. Such legal permits would no doubt limit the calling for contestants if the game is not being held, leading to the website notice.

The move will also leave questions about where MacDonald will appear on the show if Chooklotto is chucked. But that can be easily rectified with a quick reshuffle (or dare we suggest a new segment idea?).


  1. John Jackson

    @Rob, I’m not leaving the new Hey Hey especially since it is the only live variety we have at the moment and a place for local and overseas acts/stars to appear on in free to air prime time. Rove is gone, Micallef isn’t fronting anything of the sort yet, neither is Hamish & Andy, Working Dog haven’t come up with anything nor has anyone else. So until then Hey Hey is all we’ve got.

  2. I think the show would be better if it was only 10 shows a year. I like the fact its back on, but week to week its going to be hit and miss. It would be better as specials where they could make each show…well special!
    Chooklotto once was great, but only works with Jacki.

  3. I love how people are shocked that HHIS cannot sustain more than a couple of reunion shows which were rubbish anyway. Move on with your lives people or watch old recordings but leave new hey hey in the bin

  4. Hey Hey has had it’s time in the sun.

    Sure the 2 reunions last year worked, but having 20 more shows this year is just stretchng the audience goodwill too far – plus they haven’t really updated the show much at all.

    Ch 9 should have planned it to have maybe 4 or 5 specials this year spread out at appropriate points.

    20 eps is way too much and Hey Hey is already slowly dying a death with the memories of what it used to be being tarnished by what it is now.

  5. Totally fine. I was surprised they brought it back. I thought Plucka Duck was the replacement, so when I heard them saying about it possibly coming back.. I couldn’t understand why.

  6. Hey Hey needs to concentrate more on content rather than space fillers like Chook Lotto. Who cares if the comp can’t be on the show? It’s the equivalent of Ten News being told the sport report is cancelled.

  7. Like a punch-drunk boxer, Daryl and the gang have pulled on the gloves one too many times. Once heavyweight champion of Australian television, Hey Hey is in danger of being down for the count before too long.

  8. I barely even remember Chooklotto from Hey Hey, and without Jackie it definatly didn’t work. Just about everything else is okay with me, so this isn’t that devestating.

  9. I don’t think not havine Chooklotto is any real loss. It had been missing from the show for years before Hey Hey was cancelled. As for a new segment, I belive that Hey Hey should be using this second chance to introduce new ideas and make the show evolve into something a little more modern and relevant.

  10. I regularly deal with OLGR (not sure what the Victorian equivalent is) for licencing promotions and competitions and have never had any problems like Chooklotto seems to have. It’s all a fairly simple process. I’m thinking that perhaps this is just an attempt to generate some buzz…?

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