Dan MacPherson for Beat the Star

After leaking the news on Beat the Star, Seven’s new game show in development, TV Tonight can now reveal the host.

It goes to Mr. Dancing with the Stars, Daniel MacPherson.

With these titles, there could be a theme developing here. What’s the next Stars format?

Based on a UK format, the show sees a game show contestant competing with a celebrity in seven extreme mental and physical games.

With MacPherson’s own track record in Triathlon events maybe he could be the one to beat.

The former City Homicide actor has recently returned from the US where he has been pursuing career oportunities.

The new game show is said to be bigger than Ben Hur….


  1. God!!!!! Channel seven owe’s me and my partner $50,000 for being in the audience! This is soooooo bad it’s not funny. Over half the audience left, and they had to re-arrange the remaining to make the studio look full. I myself would of left, except I have a disability and could not! The one and only time in my life I was annoyed with my disability! This show will not make it to air…. I hope!

  2. HA! This show was terrible and Dan knew it! He actually made it entertaining for us as the audience because it was that bad! He knows full well it is stupid – he’s not dumb. It was good being in the audience to actually see the unedited version where he pays out the show on camera. It was a laugh! And audience wise, most of them left by about game 5 of 8 or so.

  3. I really hope that someone tells Dan how stupid this show is and if they air it it will ruin his career. I was in the audience for a show and I have been searching the web for hours trying to find a way to contact him and tell him he needs a better look at it and make a better decision and not air this crap. We love Dan and dont want his career ruined.

  4. I am totally ticked of at the peolple organising this show regarding the audience. I had tickets travelled an hours, paid for parking and etag and was told sorry the seating is all full eventhough we had tickets to go in. Not happpy How many huyndreds of people were turned away??????

  5. Was surprised it got through myself! I do think as an actor he makes a great presenter. He was the worst thing in City Homicide. Pursing and biting lips to convey every concievable emotion does not a great actor make. He even makes Aaron Pedersen look animated – which takes some doing.

  6. I can’t believe Tony H wrote that either, but i was amused, and glad it was posted. Censorship be damned.

    So when’s City Homicide coming back? And Packed to the Rafters?

  7. Mikeys, I think its called black humour & are you really in favour of censorship?
    McPherson’s O.K but I think its a legitimate question to ask why he’s come back for this?

  8. Whatever happened to the old “stable of stars”.No offence Daniel but you’ve had a go.Some fresh talent would be nice.And where are the women hosts for these shows?
    I know could be worse,Tom Williams anyone?

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