1. @Steve – Agree. Unlock the stolen treasures hidden in the Vatican vaults. Oops, no, that would open a huge can of worms! Convert Vatican City into a high-class gated community for rich Europeans. Get Tim Shaw to market it. “But wait, there’s more, your condo comes adorned with stolen WWII artworks”. Donate the proceeds to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

  2. @newtaste – Haven’t heard any sickening scandal about Hillsong which compares to the Catholic church. Please enlighten. I’m not a Hillsong member, nor do I have anything against them. Religion per se has no provable foundation. The bible clearly describes in hundreds of places the visitation of “aliens”, “decended from heaven”, “rose into heaven”. No I’m not a Scientologist!!! (God forbid – er, that’s a joke Joyce). “Mission to Mars”, “Chariots of the Gods” are food for thought. Imagine “V” set 2010 years ago. The Catholic church preaches against the bible. God said “you shall have no other God but me and you shall pray only to me”. Catholics pray to Mary and to Jesus. The best thing about religion is it gives us two long weekend twice a year.

  3. “they ought to sell the Vatican to the Mormons or to Disney or something, and go out and start all over again,” – how spot on he is. Trading Vatican passports for stolen artworks so Nazis could flee to South America, and the worldwide coverups of child abuse crimes commited by their priests and by their nuns . Makes me puke every time I see his “holiness” on TV carrying on as if he’s some “God”. The Catholic church is a pox on society. And the local priest wonders why he doesn’t see me anymore.

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