Footy Show sticks the boot in

Nine’s AFL Footy Show couldn’t resist having a dig at The Bounce‘s expense last night.

With 17 years for Nine and just five shows for Seven, it comes as no surprise.

But not even I expected Sam Newman to deliver this one:

Sam Newman: Time Warner said-

Garry Lyon: Tim Worner.

Sam Newman: Tim Worner? Oh right. The Head of Programming at Seven, told TV Tonight -whatever that is- The Bounce would return when there is a lot more interest in the AFL.

James Brayshaw: Haven’t they got the rights?

Newman then pulled out a graph showing an all time record attendance for the Round 5 match of over 330,000 spectators.

Sam Newman: Tim, how much more popular would you want the game to get before you bring the show back?

Newman certainly had a lot of fun at Seven’s expense last night.

“Someone said Leigh Matthews was dressed up as a vicar tonight, and they said ‘Has The Bounce gone all religious?’ and they said ‘That’s the Vicar of Dibley.’

“We’ve got three footy shows going here and we don’t even have the rights. The AFL must be almost down on their bended knee to have us get the footy back.”


  1. It concerns me that 7 show the biggest game of the week on Friday nights at 8.30 pm finishing at 11.30 pm.
    Who cab stay up that late at the end of the week? Certainly not kids who love the game and want to see their heroes play. Channel 7 couldnt run a bath, and need the rights taken from them 9 did a much better job as does 10

  2. I was watching the AFL Footy Show and Sam quoted TV Tonight (lol) even though he suggested he had no idea what it was when talking about Channel 7’s The Bounce that has been boned.. Yeah right Sam. lol

    Hey David, AFL Game Day is being moved to 7TWO in Sydney and Brisbane as of this Sunday at 10:00am.

    How come so called “technical limitations” are not a problem for Channel 7, 7HD or 7TWO in NSW and QLD, yet result in the AFL Footy Show and Footy Classified no longer being shown on 9HD or GO! in Sydney/NSW and Brisbane/QLD? I personally hope Vlad says @#$% you Channel 9 when it comes to the broadcast right negotiations.

  3. It’s quite interesting that Nine have the better AFL Footy Show, and Seven have the better NRL Footy Show, despite both networks holding rights to the opposite league.

    The Bounce was a dog which was euthanised humanely. The NRL Footy Show is a slowly decaying corpse.

  4. Newman forgets that channel seven got him going on TV.
    He appeared on World of Sport, he didnt mind seven’s coverage then.
    It’s not current owners of seven who got rid of World of Sport, Newman and Lou Richards, it was Fairfax who did it.

  5. On the NRL footy show, Vautin made a small joke about the bounce. He was saying how his show is up for another logie against the AFL footy show and whatever other sporting show…hmm the bounce, no it’s gone….

  6. Perhaps if Channel 7 did not delay there games by an hour or so every week in Melbourne, more people may tune in, also even bigger delays Interstate as well especially in Aust Football States like SA & WA (and from what I hear even worse in NSW and Qld).

    The sooner Analogue TV finishes and the Multi-Channels can show alternate programming such as AFL/NRL on less of a delay the better, all the same Channel 7 treat the viewer with contempt (cutting to the News and no after game stuff on Sundays etc). Sure they paid for it however the amount of ads they squeeze in makes it annoying to watch, sooner or later that advertising base has to start moving away as ratings fall.

    I guess the upside is more people are attending games rather than watch it on TV, however Channel 7 have no-one else to blame than themselves.

  7. Darn. I made the exact same comment when they pulled it citing lack of interest in AFL. I have the same opinion as Sam Newman. I’m going to go cry in the shower now.

  8. he’s right and he had every right to stick the boot into a stupid show that 7 should never had put it on tv. 7 you are a bunch of morons.

    today tonight will run a story about bagging sam bagging 7 and this rubbish show tonight

  9. This was the footy show at it’s brilliant best. They really know how to sink the boot in and as a result made one of the funniest editions of the footy show I’ve seen in a long time.

    And the thing was, despite the absurdity we all know what Sam said was fundamentally true.

  10. alastair nicholson

    The number of people watching AFL on both FTA and PAY TV is in free fall. Ratings records show this.
    Numbers attending remain strong.

  11. Once again, this proves that TV Tonight has surpassed TV Week, as the leading source of Australian TV news.

    P.S. Sam, if you “stumble” on this website again, feel free to leave a comment, we’ll welcome you with open arms. Don’t forget to thank TV Tonight when you probably win a Logie on Sunday.

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