Gone: Cougar Town, How I Met Your Mother.

Following on from The Bounce, Seven's Thursday nights get a major overhaul as Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother are yanked.

When the boss of the network reckons a show is “shit” (his words not mine) it’s a big ask for the rest of the country to support it.

Seven has pulled Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother from its Thursday line-up effective immediately.

They will be replaced by repeats of Criminal Minds. Added to Wednesdays, that means it’s now repeating twice a week.

With The Bounce also pulled from some cities, Thursdays have had a major overhaul by Seven.

Melb / Ade / Per
7:30 The Vicar of Dibley rpt
8:45 Criminal Minds rpt
9:45 The Amazing Race (new)
10:45 FlashForward (new)
11:45 American Dad rpt
12:15 The Matty Johns Show

Syd / Bris
7:30 The Matty Johns Show
8:30 Criminal Minds rpt
9:30 The Amazing Race (new)
10:30 FlashForward (new)
11:30 American Dad rpt
12:00 Auction Squad rpt

7TWO will also be pulling Heartbeat from 7:30 Thursdays to be replaced by Airline USA from May 6. May have been too similar to Vicar of Dibley audience and splits the Seven audience.

No word on when or where the two US comedies will resume.

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  1. It got worse.I know this is a year on but How I met your Mother was moved to Tuesdays to screen right after Winners and Losers which makes sense but in it’s place on a Thursday The Vicar of Dibley has returned which is outdated garbage.There will be a lot of hate mail.

    I know they can’t make another Airways series as Tiger is currently out of operation but anything even if it’s another American modern sitcom is an improvement.

  2. I used to only watch channel 7 for those shows. What do you expect channel is a shit TV station they are ran by boring old farts that like the same shows that have been running for the past 10 years thank god the footy is on Foxtel next year and thank goodness for the internet. Get some young people in your team.
    You suck channel 7!!!!!!

  3. Cougar town was a little off beat so I can kinda understand why it may have died back a bit but channel 7 spent Months flogging ads to promote HIMYM. Why oh why did they do that just to cancel it mid season???

  4. Wow! No more Cougar Town…one of the better shows on tv. Hmmmm I’d luv 2 say a few words about replacing it with Mr. Sunshine..but I can’t think of anything good 2 say…

  5. Why would you axe How I Met Your Mother and Cougar Town channel seven?
    I am unimpressed. How I Met Your Mother has a huge following and to axe the series mid-season is just cruel to all their fans.
    I never watched channel 7 until they put on shows such as HIMYM, Cougar Town and Scrubs.
    I will not be tuning in again until HIMYM is back.

  6. I Can not believe they axed Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother ! Thursday usd to be the best on tv because of those two shows !
    Im sick of nothing but murder Investigation shows (and seeing them repeated time after time), put something else on for god sakes !
    With the way everything is in the world, we could all use some laughs, something both shows promised.
    Grrrrr not happy !

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