Gone: Cougar Town, How I Met Your Mother.

Following on from The Bounce, Seven's Thursday nights get a major overhaul as Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother are yanked.

When the boss of the network reckons a show is “shit” (his words not mine) it’s a big ask for the rest of the country to support it.

Seven has pulled Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother from its Thursday line-up effective immediately.

They will be replaced by repeats of Criminal Minds. Added to Wednesdays, that means it’s now repeating twice a week.

With The Bounce also pulled from some cities, Thursdays have had a major overhaul by Seven.

Melb / Ade / Per
7:30 The Vicar of Dibley rpt
8:45 Criminal Minds rpt
9:45 The Amazing Race (new)
10:45 FlashForward (new)
11:45 American Dad rpt
12:15 The Matty Johns Show

Syd / Bris
7:30 The Matty Johns Show
8:30 Criminal Minds rpt
9:30 The Amazing Race (new)
10:30 FlashForward (new)
11:30 American Dad rpt
12:00 Auction Squad rpt

7TWO will also be pulling Heartbeat from 7:30 Thursdays to be replaced by Airline USA from May 6. May have been too similar to Vicar of Dibley audience and splits the Seven audience.

No word on when or where the two US comedies will resume.

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  1. Thursday night was a good night for tv on channel 7 it had to of my favourite shows on HIMYM “n” cougar town i use to look forward to seeing them & the w*nkers at channel 7 axe them without warning well i’m axeing channel 7 from my tv viewing in my opinion they can go f$#@k themselves

  2. Bring back Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother!! They are both fantastic shows, get rid of Home & Away, that show is lame! Same Sh*t just diffrent days! Im refusing to watch channel 7 until they pull there heads in and give the viewers what we want, not what mangement of channel 7 want! I’m really upset with you channel 7, bunch of losers!

  3. totally annoyed and pi**ed off at this decision. the only two shows i actually enjoy to watch, and you have taken them off with out warning. bad move and i hope the rating reflect this. You have got to be kidding, more crime crap and vicor of dibly – bad choice 7. boooo.

  4. What is wrong with channel 7? What idiots. Like anyone is gonna watch repeats of criminal minds. I would rather watch grass grow.
    How I met your mother is so hilarious and Cougar town is pretty good itself.
    Why take off something just because a week of bad ratings.
    Plus, it was in a middle of the series. I wish they’d keep in mind some people are watching it. It is always the highlight of Thrusdays that they’re both gonna be on. Don’t be stupid and Put it back on!!!!

  5. HIMYM and CT were the only reason for Channel 7 to exist – please let one of the cable channels pick them up! Thank god I have foxtel as the rest of terrestrial TV is total crap.

  6. im also dissapointed i had it taped and everything to watch how i met your mother through to when family guy is on since i cant stay up to watch it anymore its that late now i have nothing to watch from thursday nights all the good shows seem to dissapear like my wife and kids that was the best then 70’s show finished up replaced by how i met your mother which is great now its dissapeared very annoyed

  7. I have never watched Cougar Town on Thursday night. Want to know why Mr Network Boss? Because I laughed so loudly during it that I would wake up my kids. So instead I would iQ it and watch it during school hours! Its the only show my friends actually discuss – a first since Sex and the City ended!

  8. Well that frees up my Thursday night. I think Cougar town was crap and I only endured the last ten minutes when it ran over every week while I waited for how I met your mother. Really annoyed that I knew nothing about it being axed. Maybe chanel 7 need to look at the way they run programs over time constantly and realise that it doesn’t make me sit through something I don’t want to see, it just makes me switch chanels totally. On the up side the alternative on ABC last night was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed watching a three day Indian wedding. Maybe Chanel 7 will become as irrelevant to me as Chanels 9 & 10 have which will really free up my life.

  9. Dear Cahnnel 7 Big Wigs

    you really don’t viewers watching your network do you… jsut because you don’t like these 2 awesome shows doesn’t mean us tv watchers don’t… maybe you should hand the shows over to channel 10 or 9 who actually give a damn about their audience and not themselves…

    selfish f***ing loser w*nkers

  10. Channel 7 seriously need to get their act together, they are constantly changing timeslots and days that shows are aired without any notification or reason.

    In the last few weeks some of my personal favourites have been missed, Criminal minds has changed from Wednesdays to Tuesdays and back again and they sometimes play a 2nd episode without notification…. Ghost whisperer has dissapeared, now Cougar Town and HIMYM are gone? (the times for these two shows only changed a few weeks ago to accomadate Matty Johns)

    Whoever is in charge of programing needs to
    1. look at how they gage the viewer interest in shows because everyone i know is a fan of cougar town and HIMYM
    2. need to get their act together and plan better so that all shows need to change times/days to accomadate a new show.
    3. Remove my foot from their ass lol

  11. Yet again I began to really enjoy a show and it’s cancelled. Time & time again channel 7 promotes the hell out of a show and then pulls it. Thursday night was my favourite night of TV. Well guess what I intend to cancel channel 7 from my viewing and watch DVDs or read a book instead.

  12. WTF.Two shows i look forward to seeing each thursday just taken off the air with out any notice.You have got to be kidding.Not only do i and my wife like and look forward to these shows we are also sick of grisly police procedurals.In particular Criminal Minds.And a repeat just to rub it in.F**k you channel seven youv’e stuffed around Lost ,Scrubs,King Of the Hill,American dad,Family guy and now Cougar Town and HIMYM.You suck massive donkey appendages.

  13. Unbelievable..How dissapointing Channel 7 to just up and pull the plug on a a couple of great US Cemedies. ( A male call no doubt) . Oh yes, such a “Fork stabbed in my temple” thought of lets put on some crappy repeats of The Vicar of Dibley & Criminal Minds…if your going to yank some great shows off at least have the brains to replace them with something new . ie….Dog the Bounty Hunter, Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood, or even pick up American Idol….Seriously….you want rating?……..how about asking the public what they want? blah blah blah blah blah!!!!

  14. This was the reason I watched tv on Thursday nights, cougar town made me laugh and I was always conscious around 8ish to make sure I tuned into 7 to watch it. Whoever the guy is that axed it maybe should ask people first before pulling somthing and not just his personal preference. Sorry but no reason to watch tv on Thursdays now will just go to the gym instead…..criminal minds haha losers Im sick of those shows that make you wanna lock the windows at night instead of a show that makes you laugh.

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