Gone: Cougar Town, How I Met Your Mother.

Following on from The Bounce, Seven's Thursday nights get a major overhaul as Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother are yanked.

When the boss of the network reckons a show is “shit” (his words not mine) it’s a big ask for the rest of the country to support it.

Seven has pulled Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother from its Thursday line-up effective immediately.

They will be replaced by repeats of Criminal Minds. Added to Wednesdays, that means it’s now repeating twice a week.

With The Bounce also pulled from some cities, Thursdays have had a major overhaul by Seven.

Melb / Ade / Per
7:30 The Vicar of Dibley rpt
8:45 Criminal Minds rpt
9:45 The Amazing Race (new)
10:45 FlashForward (new)
11:45 American Dad rpt
12:15 The Matty Johns Show

Syd / Bris
7:30 The Matty Johns Show
8:30 Criminal Minds rpt
9:30 The Amazing Race (new)
10:30 FlashForward (new)
11:30 American Dad rpt
12:00 Auction Squad rpt

7TWO will also be pulling Heartbeat from 7:30 Thursdays to be replaced by Airline USA from May 6. May have been too similar to Vicar of Dibley audience and splits the Seven audience.

No word on when or where the two US comedies will resume.

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  1. What is chanel 7 thinking! I love Couger Town. Some of the best laughs I have all week! Bring it back as you shorty station has nothing else promising to watch! Marty Johns show is pathetic and stupid. Home and away is a has been show and should have been removed. Your producer has no clue or whoever it was that pulled this show from the air

  2. How I met your Mother would work better as a 7pm offering up against the likes of 2.5 men and 7pm Project than Home and Away but do it as an all year round offering not just over the summer Months.What would you rather have a good laugh or another police or crime like storyline in Summer Bay?

  3. I always tell people how much better than Channel 9, Channel 7 is, and then they go and pull a stunt like this. At the end of the last How I Met Your Mother episode they showed what would be on the next week and then – nothing. This is not good enough. This is a Channel 9 trick, constantly replaying repeats and pulling shows with no warning. I thought Channel 7 was better than that. Clearly I was mistaken. Bring back Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother.

  4. Channel 7 cant run a bath, let alone a TV network. Today Tonight make up stories that arent true. They delay games so kids cant stay up to watch them, They axe good shows without notice.
    Treat viewers with total disrespect. Its no coincidence channel 9 are beating them hands down

  5. Dear Channel 7

    I would like to apply for a position as programmer for your station. I have absolutely no clue and no experience whatsoever, but then again, judging by your current form, neither do any of your current programmers or decision makers.

    So why hire me? Well, I can honestly say that there’s no possible way that I could do any worse than you are currently doing at present.


  6. Dear Channel 7,

    SBS would like to congratulate you on promoting them to the second most boring channel on TV. If they could afford a trophy or some sort of prize, they would definitely arrange a presentation ceremony of some sort.

    Keep up those great programming choices…

  7. Incredibly stupid move on Channel Seven’s part to axe Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother. HIMYM is only one of the hottest shows on the planet with a Massive following.

    Agree with the comments on here regarding putting it on at 9pm – it seems Seven wanted to show to fail and have low ratings.

    Question – are the Channel Seven programmers spies from Nine or Ten? Only saboteurs or absolute morons could think this was a wise decision.

    Way to alienate your audience Seven!

  8. WTF!!!! who the hell makes the dumbest idiotic decisions like this. those two are the funniest shows on tv. had a crap day at work? sit down and watch cougar town and HIMYM, thats how good they were. whatever happened to keeping your viewers happy Channel 7. slowly i am moving over to channel 9, how about axing Matty Johns show, thats utter garbage. sorry channel 7, you guys are really losing your viewers. what other shows you gonna dump next???? idiots!!!

  9. Get Rid of Home and Away.I am not sure what the Classification of HIMYM is but it would be suitable to show after Today Tonight.A light comedy after an hour of News and Current Affairs on weeknights Come On Channel 7 how about it.What would you rather watch An easy to laugh about sitcom or the lives of the people in Summer Bay?Me It is a no brainer

  10. 7 you really have no idea do you! Not only do you constantly remove quailty shows mid season (HIMYM case in point) but you also feel the need to move good programs to ridiculous times so you can instead show repeats of repeats of repeats of rubbish. Doomed to Die? Are you serious, why would you bother with that crap when you could have shown HIMYM, Heroes or Flash Forward and hour early. Your programmers need the sack!

  11. The Vicar is a Pile of Crap compared to these 21st Century American Sitcoms.Dibley Might have saved them in the past up agaisnt Idol and 60 Minutes and Movies But If they can’t find anything New to Put On Then Go back to Kath and Kim or Gary Unmarried or even some of the last ever season of Family Matters Episodes Anyone Here Remember Urkel.Anything has got to be better than rubbish British Comedies and Crime Shows.

  12. And you wonder why Australia has one, if not the highest downloads per capita or TV shows. “Ohhh, a new criminal minds… no it’s a repeat of a repeat of a repeat…. But it’s says it’s a new season!!!! Yeah, 7 hopes you’ve a 2 month memory”

  13. You total idiots – U have got it so wrong this time…..why the hell would you pull off two of the funniest, most entertaining Modern shows on television?? To replace it with absolute crap? Do you have any idea or do you even care what your viewers want to watch? Apparently not! You dont even have the decency to let your viewers know whats going on. Hello? Seriously, how can you replace Cougar Town and How I met your mother with the outdated and repeated Vicar of Dibley? and Criminal Minds??? Why are these people that makes these decisions such out of touch w*nkers? Not Happy Jan……

  14. The hell is this? I have to go and google why my favourite show is removed and then have to just accept that it’s gone?

    I don’t want to see Criminal Minds again for the 3rd time in a week, I didn’t watch it the first time dammit. It was bad enough that HIMYM was on as late as it was, I don’t always have time at 9:00pm to be watching TV but I always tried because this show was amazing.


  15. I cant believe prime would do this. How i met your mother is the greatest show in the whole world. It is primes own fault they didnt get ratings the put a great prime time show on at 9 o clock and stupid shows like the matty johns show on at 730 which by the way goes over every week by 10-15 minutes casuing how i met your mother to be pushed back even further. Prime needs to understand a legendary show when the see on and hurry up and wake up to them selves

  16. Cougar town was hilarious!! how could they not play it anymore..i never knew courtney cox could be so funny!! there are no other shows on channel seven i watch!! because we all just love watching crime shows that arent even interesting for the second time.. oh thats right we dont… thats when we change the channel to glee!!!! get ur act together

  17. I did look forward to my Thursday nights being able to sit down and get a laugh watching Cougar Town and HIMYM!! Now I am suffering the withdrawals………..Repeats are sh#t!!!!! Murder or crime mystery are so boring!!!! Comedy is better for our wellbeing as they say laughing is the best medicine. Can they at least broadcast it at a later timeslot instead.

  18. Seven should ditch Home and Away for good and replace it with How I met your Mother as a weekday 7pm offering and the sooner they do it the better H&A is a pile of garbage that should be axed No wonder Nine do so well with their 2.5 men repeats given it is also an easy to watch sitcom.I only discovered HIMYM recently as I am either not aware it was on or I work late on a Thursday Night Normally

  19. is he actually serious calling how i met your mother shit, it is the best show on t.v and without it i hope there ratings drop so low, just cause he doesnt like it, so many people do.

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