Gone: Holby Blue. Bumped: Rosemary & Thyme, Make me a Supermodel (US)

Some changes through for viewers of 7TWO for British dramas and US reality.

Some changes through for viewers of 7TWO:

Next Monday April 19 a double episode of Heartbeat will now air at 7:30pm with S16 E18 + E19.

A Rosemary & Thyme repeat moves to 9:30pm pushing Holby Blue out of schedule.

Meanwhile Make me a Supermodel (US) will move from 7:30pm Wednesday April 28 to 6pm Friday April 30 in place of Alf.

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  1. Heartbeat is one of the best British shows around at the moment and great to have a double showing on the same night. Its logevity is testiment to its quality. Thank goodness we have some entertaining drama to watch as an alternative to so-called reality TV, endless boring cooking shows and other tripe. Congratulayions 7.

  2. Good news about Heartbeat but would still love to see Holby Blue.
    Elise, If you’re looking forward to that episode, you’ll also love Season 18, Episodes 11 & 12. They were filmed in Australia with Blair guest starring in both. 🙂

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