GTV9 to relocate to Docklands

The end of an era. GTV9 has announced it will vacate its historic Richmond Studios by early 2011 and relocate to Melbourne's Docklands.

GTV9 has announced it will vacate its historic Richmond Studios by early 2011 and relocate to new premises at Bourke Street in Melbourne’s Docklands region.

Nine has been at the Bendigo Street “Piano Factory” site for 53 years, but will move to a brand new, purpose-built, high-tech facility at 717 Bourke Street.

Property developer Lend Lease will take over the Richmond site.

“We have been part of a great history at Richmond but it is time to move on. This move will create an exciting new chapter in GTV9’s history by delivering new-age technology in a modern, purpose-built television facility,” Managing Director Jeffrey Browne said.

“We are determined to ensure that GTV9’s new Bourke Street home continues to stir and inspire the creative juices of many talented and wonderfully gifted people who contribute so much to the legendary GTV DNA.”

The exit from “Television City,” as it has become known, is the end of an era for Nine, and indeed Australian television.

The Bendigo Street site has been home to legendary Australian television shows including In Melbourne Tonight, New Faces, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, The Footy Show, The Paul Hogan Show, Sale of the Century, Family Feud, Temptation, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, The Don Lane Show, Division 4, The Sullivans and The Flying Doctors.

The exterior of the building is Heritage protected, reflecting its century-long history as the Wertheim Piano Factory in 1908, a Heinz factory and finally the home of Nine from 1956.

The renowned Studio 9 was added in 1964 and later became home to In Melbourne Tonight. Daryl Somers recently called on the site to include a Museum for television, upon Nine’s exit.

Mr Browne said no locally produced programs would be lost due to the relocation.

“We’ve got a number of external studio options available to us and Nine will be crewing those studios,” he said.

“Production will not decrease – in fact it’s likely that production levels will increase. No shows will be lost.”

The new Docklands home will house smaller productions including Nine News, A Current Affair, The Sunday Footy Show and Footy Classified but larger scale productions such as The Footy Show, Millionaire Hot Seat and Hey Hey It’s Saturday will be made at independent studios.

Melbourne’s Central Studios is near the new address, as is Channel Seven at Etihad Stadium.

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  1. With docklands studio in 2011 I would like to know if we can bring back the original sale of the century back at channel 9 on 7:00pm and I like the host of sale of the century to be Ed Phillips because I miss sale of the century when it is not on anymore (not temptation) I just like the original sale of the century the (1980-1999) style and also bring back hey hey it Saturday in 2011 and sale of the century in 2011 bring it back

  2. Oh what a sad sad time it will be, not only for those who have worked at GTV 9 for many years but us out here on the other side of the screen who have grown up with GTV since day one. Especially those magical early years where television was such a wonder to behold. Many of the greats who have since gone to that big television in the sky. the echo’s of the studio’s walls soon to be no more.
    It feels like I am about to have a large part of my being taken away, even though GTV is moving the new place it just an’t the same.
    Sure hope lots from the studios will be preserved and a museum would be the way to go.

  3. A very sad day. A lot of sole and character will be lost at channel Nine. It’s a big move for Channel Nine because you’re removing some of that magic an old building like that has. It gives off an energy, a vibe a creative difference other networks just don’t have. I’m sure people that walk those halls feel honored and proud to be in the same studio that has shaped our televisions history and that reflects in the passion they apply to their work. Even from a business prospective for PBL and Nine you’re taking a huge risk. No matter how large or advanced rival networks like 7 and 10 new studios are, they have always lacked the warmth and character of a show that’s produced in Nine’s Richmond’s building. It’s not just a building, its part of their culture and part of what has made them and everyone that works in there who they are. You change a key ingredient and you have changed the formula. You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate there has always been something special about that building and what went on inside it, and that’s a feeling you can’t replace, you can’t buy, you can’t recreate. Rival stations like 7 and 10 never had it and still don’t. A new building puts it on par with the other networks where that magic becomes clinical. I only hope that in some way the building remains and is re-used perhaps as boutique apartments and not destroyed.

  4. Gary, some of the shows that you have mentioned where made by Crawford Productions. Their catalogue of show’s is owned by Bruce Gordon – who owns WIN. The reason why they are not on TV at the moment is quite complex as there are clearance issues and major issues regarding residual payments. To cover the potential of having to pay actors and production staff residual payments, Bruce is asking quite alot of money for the shows – which makes it impractical for Pay TV. Free TV are not going to show them on their digital channels for the same reason.

    Not every IMT and Don Lane show was kept in the Dungeon at GTV 9, so it will be hard to get them back on air.

  5. We numerous pay tv channels and extra free to air channels so why can’t we have repeats of Australians shows like In Melbourne Tonight, The Paul Hogan Show, The Don Lane Show, Division 4, The Sullivans and The Flying Doctors,
    Homicide, Matlock Police, Ryan, Hunter, Kaper Kops, The Godfathers, Bluey, etc

  6. The only move I’m expecting, is Kids WB, to Queensland. It can’t be produced in a purely news facility (especially if it moves to a weekday live format on Go!, alongside the current two hrs on Nine on Saturdays and Go! on Sundays), and renting studios for live kids television would wind up costly, for a network trying hand over fist to save money.

    It would also be closer to the Warner-Village theme parks (that Kids WB often use for outside shoots), also allowing for tighter shoots, and costs would also be saved in flights for presenters, with the possibility of even producing live TV (eliminating the tape delay) using Nine’s link truck based on the GC.

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