Hey Hey: guests

Guests appearing on tonight’s Hey Hey include Vanessa Amorosi and Jet performing.

Lisa McCune and Sigrid Thornton, both on new Nine shows, will judge Red Faces.

Vanessa Amorosi, who was first talent-spotted by Hey Hey producer Jack Strom singing in a Russian restaurant, says, “I was signed to a record contract at the age of 14 and remember watching Hey Hey its Saturday regularly as they had the cream of talent on the show. I made my first appearance in 1999 I was so nervous. I was in awe of Daryl. He is such a music lover and I was addicted to the show. I performe ‘Have a Look’ my first single on the show at the age of 17. Now I’m back to perform my new single ‘Mr Mysterious’ in 2010 and just as excited as I was in 1999.”

JET’s Chris Cester reckons, “Hey Hey brings back a lot of memories. We grew up with it. Well, everyone did really from my generation, especially as kids. There’s memorable moments in there and hopefully, we can add one too. I really applaud the show’s enthusiasm for bringing current music to a big audience in Australia. It’s one of the things that I hope brings a classic show into a new era.”


  1. Good to see hey hey back on air…..

    Can any one tell me who wast the 2 guitar player on hey hey as a guest . love the accustic guitar and cant find the cd.

  2. hey hey is so good that it doesn’t really matter if hey hey is live or not i mean
    its not like making it live is going to make the show any better or make it seem like your there more really!!!

  3. “So…Sigrid…You’re in the new UB…that’s right folks, it’s on the 9 network 8.30 on Sunday…and Lisa, you have a new series of Water Rats, er..sorry Sea Patrol…and yes, on the 9 Network….” Let the 9 Love In commence…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Hey Hey should try to get their hands on Robin Thicke, regular viewers of Ellen will know who I mean, he could be huge here if he was able to explode onto the Australian music scene in a big way, would be great if they got him to open the show with ‘Magic’ and then his more recent hit ‘Sex Therapy’ he’d have all the ladies in a spin, and I dare say some gents 😉

  5. “remember watching Hey Hey its Saturday regularly as they had the cream of talent on the show”.
    This morning on Sunrise there was an ad/promo claiming Sunrise was the only place to see live, International artists… I’m sure Hey Hey will steal some of their thunder. Then again, one’s a morning show & ones at night – both will probably get a slice of the same pie!

  6. Decent guests to start nothing too great though, hope it’s not just gonna turn into a Channel Nine love fest with only guests from Nine and Nine shows and endless promotions of them. That said i won’t be watching unless it’s on Saturday.

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