Hot Tip: Psychoville

Been a while since I’ve dragged out the ‘Hot Tip’ alert, but it’s worth it for Psychoville.

This darkly wicked comedy is coming to ABC1 next month.

What happens when five seemingly disparate characters receive an anonymous, black-edged card with the chilling message: ‘I know what you did’?

From the team behind cult classic, The League of Gentlemen, and featuring Dawn French this bizarre award-winning comedy sets itself apart from the pack…..

Airs 9:35pm Wednesday May 5th on ABC1.


  1. Sorry to burst the bubble but there is a cut in Episode 4 (they reveal it on the DVD commentary), it occurs at the mid-point, but it’s still an astonishing piece of TV. Dawn French is especially good in this series and the leads in their multiple roles are superb.

  2. Love this series! I got it on Blu-Ray from the UK and the extras are brilliant! I agree with Brekkie too regarding the single take episode – a ‘filler’ episode which the BBC forced the boys to do to make up an extra episode to fit the schedule; it is brilliant and I think it was a homage to Alfred Hitchcock. Also, watch for the special appearance by fellow League of Gentlemen Mark Gatiss, who is – as usual – frickin’ hilarious!

    And yay for a second series coming in 2011, not to mention the special Halloween episode to come this October!

  3. Watch it – a brilliant series but keep an eye out for I think episode 4 – possibly the best half hour of television I’ve ever seen, and even if you don’t follow the series it would work just as well as a stand alone piece of comedy drama.

    The episode was shot in one take with just one camera – and keeps you hooked from beginning to end.

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