Kiefer Sutherland in UK fracas

Kiefer Sutherland has landed back in the headlines for bad behaviour again, when he was reportedly accosted by bouncers at a London strip club after he stumbled out drunk and shirtless.

According to various reports, bouncers at Stringfellow’s Gentlemen’s Club appeared to hold him in a headlock, but management insist they were helping him to his car after he stumbled.

Paparazzi snapped him being escorted out of the club at around 4am.

Reports claim the 24 star had been drinking with a friend at Covent Garden Hotel bar earlier the same night.

Sutherland served 48 days in prison in 2007 and early 2008 after pleading no contest to a driving under the influence of alcohol. In 2009 he apologised for head-butting a fashion designer following a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Charges pending were later dropped.

After another big night in Toronto in 2005 he insisted, “I have a few drinks, and I’m not so worried about tomorrow. And I’m not thinking about yesterday. If you work really hard, you should be able to reward yourself by getting ****-faced.”

Source:, People,


  1. Ah the poor guy, I do feel for him. He does do a mean Jack bauer and I’ll miss him once 24 ends. That said, I’m glad they are ending 24, it gives the show a sense of closure and will prevent it from going (further) downhill.

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