Killing Time casts Colin Friels

TV1 miniseries announces more principal cast including Colin Friels, Diana Glenn, and Kerry Walker.

TV1 has announced more cast members to join David Wenham in its miniseries Killing Time portrayal on the career of disgraced lawyer Andrew Fraser.

Colin Friels (Malcolm, Water Rats, Blackjack) will play Lewis Moran, client and friend of Fraser. Fraser acted on behalf of Lewis on many occasions, and always for free. The unspoken deal was that Lewis would then direct any of his associates to Fraser, which he did in spades. Off the back of Lewis Moran, Fraser was able to build his criminal practice and reputation.

Friels said, “It’s good to work on a drama that has authentic writing and such a strong acting team.”

Moran is one of several characters from Underbelly who will be also be portrayed in Killing Time. On that occasion he was played by actor Kevin Harrington.

Other principal cast members include Diana Glenn (Oyster Farmer, Somersault, Carla Cametti PD, Satisfaction) as Fraser’s wife Denise Shanks who met him as a part time ‘door bitch’ at one of Melbourne’s exclusive clubs.

Richard Cawthorne (Blue Heelers, City Homicide, Noise) plays Dennis Allen, who ran a vast heroin empire and a string of brothels.

Kris McQuade (Moulin Rouge, Fighting Back, Supernova) is Kath Pettingill, former barmaid, brothel madam and drug dealer, wife and mother of five sons who were constantly in trouble with the law.

John Brumpton (Life, Redball, Tangle) is Peter Dupas an itinerant labourer who seemed inoffensive in the extreme to most he encountered, he was silent, ingratiating and excessively polite.

Terry Norris (Valentine’s Day, Cop Shop, Romulus, My Father ) is Fraser’s father Rod, a Second World War veteran who struggled with alcohol for many years and watched his son’s infamy grow with a certain detachment.

Kerry Walker (Moulin Rouge, Bliss, The Piano) will play Fraser’s mother Sheila who had long since learned to take his antics with a pinch of salt. Despite it all she stood by Fraser throughout his turmoil, and visited him in jail every week without fail.

Filming for Killing Time begins on April 26 in Melbourne. Including extras, the cast in the 10 part series tops 300.

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  1. I have ongoing issues with TV1 regarding their level of repeat programming, but I’ll be willing to let bygones be bygones if they can pull this one off. Friels is a class act to have on board. Here’s hoping they’re broadcasting in widescreen by the time the program eventually goes to air.

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