Lloyd appointed as Lateline producer

Foreign correspondent Peter Lloyd, who was released from prison in Singapore last June, is back at work with the ABC as a senior producer on Lateline.

ABC foreign correspondent Peter Lloyd, who was released from prison in Singapore last June, is back at work with the broadcaster as a senior producer on Lateline.

Lloyd was arrested in July 2008 and charged with five offences, including trafficking and possession of methamphetamine (ice). He pleaded guilty to consuming an illegal drug and possessing drug utilities and served 10 months before being released early for good behaviour.

The Australian reports that ABC news director Kate Torney told staff via an internal note that Lloyd’s skills and experience would be a valuable addition to the ABC News team.

Lloyd received considerable support from colleagues during his Singaporean trials, with many acknowledging post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from covering disasters such as the Boxing Day tsunami and the Bali bombings.

He previously noted, “In the last six years I have done more mass-casualty stuff than your average soldier does. As first responders, I don’t think my generation of journalists overseas has done the kind of stuff we’ve seen in that time.”

Source: The Australian

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  1. It must be written into 3AW’s guidelines to have one of their announcers rag on ABC at least once a week. Besides, 774 Melbourne is their closest competition at the moment.

    I guess if no-one is allowed to have a job because they might’ve taken drugs, then the unemployment rate might be somewhere near 35% of the population. Neil Mitchell sounds like an angel.

  2. Mitchell is a complete twat. Lloyd was never convicted of trafficking (the charge was dropped). The guy committed a crime that was unlikely to have harmed anybody else and has served his punishment.

    He deserves to be given a chance to prove that he’s in a different place now and considered for the job on his merits. I prob wouldn’t be sending him off to Afghanistan in the near future tho’.

  3. Good on ABC for supporting their staff through thick and thin.

    As I write this Neil ‘bitch-all’ Mitchell is having a bitch about taxpayers money supporting this ‘drug trafficker’ and Lloyd has disgraced Australia internationally, etc etc… Shut-up!!

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