Lost finale update

Fans of Lost, here is the latest info on the finale airing in Australia.

TV Tonight can confirm it will indeed air as a two hour episode, as per the US.

It will also air in primetime on Seven.

So far the date is still under wraps, but Seven is more than aware of the fan interest in the build up to the last-ever episode, and it sounds like something special is brewing.

As previously indicated, from next week the show is just hours behind the US on 7TWO and Seven.

The finale in the US airs on Sunday May 23rd, which is daytime Monday 24th Australian time.

Meanwhile, MTV has published a photo of a whiteboard supposedly from the Writer’s Room (which I don’t care to read, thanks). Talk about hype. Things never went this far for finales of The Sopranos or MASH!


  1. I wouldn’t worry about that pic, David. It’s so very obviously set up. First of all, no writer’s board ever looks that ‘neat’. Writing is always messy, all over the place, and is in different handwriting from different people. Second, Damon & Carlton aren’t going to let anything get published that they don’t *want* published. That board is littered with ‘MacGuffins’. Hilarious 🙂

  2. A monday nite showing @ 8.30pm would rock but i wont get my hopes up.
    As long it airs a good time after the US screening i’ll be happy a few dayz will be fine.

  3. In the US ads are going for $900k during the finale, so seven would be wise
    to put the finale during prime time. I reckon it will pick up a big audience although those that haven’t followed it through all seasons will find it quite confusing.

  4. awesome! hoping *fingers crossed* that it will be on monday, although i am more than happy to wait for wednesday. Lost back in primetime on Seven? Of course i’ll wait two days 😛

    As for the ABC 2-hour special preceding the finale, i doubt that will be shown on Seven…hopefully on 7TWO? i don’t really mind if they dont though.

  5. hold your horses, Mon 8:30?? for a show that gets just above 100k? sure it might have some extra viewers for the last episode ever but it is not going to multiply it’s audience by 9!! most Australians lost interest 3 years ago.

    7 will probably have state differing schedules that night because of the SOO but i think 7’s best bet is to have it at 8:30 Wed on 7two and 10:00 same night on 7 after the Pacific in AFL states and after whatever in NRL states.

  6. I think it will be a dream to see the Lost final on Monday but here’s hoping. It might be a good move given the State of Origin that week, unless they know it’s not going to rate as good as it should so will put it up against the State of Origin just to see what happens.

    What of 7TWO, if the final is on the main channel do they just go to black on the other one?

  7. Seven should so air Lost at 8:30 on the Monday night. I think there will be enough interest there. This is the end of one of the most talked about shows in television history.

  8. Love lost, the problem with something like this… if you haven’t kept watching, it’ll probably make no sense. So I think they’re over estimating the audience.

  9. I always thought channel should hype it up and get the final on the main channel at 8:30, enticing old fans back to see how it all ends. I don’t think it would draw giant ratings, but it would probably draw a fair amount of people.

    Can’t wait!

  10. “primetime on 7” technically speaking primetime is 6:00-12:00 meaning it could be a 10:30 start but it would be interesting to see if something more than that happens. i don’t think the ratings will pick up that much, how many series finales do we have to get our hopes up ratings wise that it’s lost fans will return only to see it get it’s regular ratings.

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