MasterChef ready to plate up

Changes to MasterChef’s format will keep contestants on their toes this year.

Producers have added rule changes to second-guess the Top 24 contestants.

Eliminations are to be made by the judging panel of Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris.

“Certainly it’s more transparent,” says Matt Preston. “The contestants thought they knew the rules – well, they didn’t.”

The move mirrors other reality shows looking to prevent contestants from becoming complacent with the format. There’s nothing like a surprise twist to add drama to a reality show -althought last year the show nearly lost some viewer support by bringing back eliminated contestants.

Top chefs including Matt Moran, Neil Perry, Tony Bilson, Guillaume Brahimi and Tetsuya Wakuda will appear. Another name chef appears in the premiere episode, which will see five contestants eliminated from the Top 50.

George Calombaris, who adopts hosting duties with Mehigan, says the show still maintains its uplifting qualities. The show starts out with another diverse bunch, including a contestant who is 67 years of age.

“The soul of the show is about teaching people, uplifting people and firm but fair (judging),” he says. If we continue that, I think we will be just as much of a success as series one.”

Rising figures for TEN, with a lift from daylight savings, seem to have turned a corner just at the right time.



  1. Can’t wait! What a great year for ‘franchise’ television with Survivor, Amazing Race, Doctor Who, Caprica, My Kitchen Rules and Top Gear all staying on top of their game.

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