Merlin repeat

Premiering on the long weekend didn’t deliver great business for the usually-performing Merlin.

Just 794,000 caught the season premiere. Figures for most Sunday shows were down.

TEN will give it another whirl at 12midday this Sunday.

One Tree Hill is out this Sunday as a result.


  1. Merlin S1 promised so much and delivered so little. The premise is fantastic and the first ep was better than I expected. But the weekly formula of evil being trumped by Merlin was all too predictable. It felt like there should have been a story brewing…that episodes 1-4 should have been setting up something exciting….the release of the dragon, Lancelot to have a more pivotal role, secrets of the kingdom uncovered…I don’t know what the story should have been, but it needed something. I watched the entire season, and was ultimately disappointed. Great effects, acting was fine, premise intriguing, but the story just didn’t live up to its potential.

  2. @Craig: except that Ten said they wouldn’t use their third channel as a dumping ground for encores and axes shows. I sincerely hope they go back on that promise.

  3. I absolutely predicted this because they did that with the last season. Still managed to watch it on Sunday but I might rely on the repeat for future weeks.

    Now if only seven would give us some assurance that they would repeat pacific every week.

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