New game gets underway for Seven

Assuming Programmers don’t change their mind on an episode order, the first celebrity to appear on Seven’s Beat the Star series will be boxer Danny Green.

As first leaked by TV Tonight, the mammoth show is hosted by Daniel Macpherson.

Describing the show as a game show and variety all rolled into one, Macpherson told the Sunday Herald Sun, “I obviously love hosting and love the challenge, so to come back and have a solo hosting gig – the responsibility I’ve been entrusted with is exciting.”

He will also front Dancing with the Stars around late August.

The Seven show filmed at Melbourne’s Central City Studios, but TV Tonight hears some audience members were turned away despite having valid tickets.

Like airline flights, it isn’t uncommon practice for television shows to overbook audience capacity to compensate for the fact that not everybody turns up. In 2008 a shoot for Nine’s Hole in the Wall also came unstuck when some ticketed audience members were turned away. Not very nice when you’ve already paid for car parking and a baby sitter.

Hole in the Wall also shot at Central City Studios.

Source / photo: Sunday Herald Sun


  1. I went tonight (24th) and it was really really good, the person who warms up the audience was amazing and the concept of the show looks abit bland but it could work

  2. re tickets: the same thing happened when I was in New York last year at The View. About 30 Ticket holders were turned away as popular guest and all given tickets turned up.. So the key is aways get there early do not turn up late, like The View I am sure the tickets would of had on them re over ticketing in some form of wording to cover their backs. So read the tickets and do not complain when it happens.

  3. I was offered tickets to the first taping on Friday so now I’m glad I didn’t accept as I might have been sent packing. Instead I am going to the 4th episode on 29th. Looking forward to seeing Central City Studios from the inside.

  4. Actually might not be so bad so long as they dont just push their own starts.
    We might eb seeing this pretty soon if they already have the set build.
    Will wait to judge from when it premiers.

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