Q & A hot on Twitter

The ABC's Q & A is about to incorporate its ever-popular Twitter feed into the show.

In Australian television one of the most successful brands with Twitter is the ABC’s Q&A.

The panel show receives between 5,000 and 10,000 tweets per show as opinionated viewers love to interact with one another from their couches.

Frequently the Number 1 topic trending on Twitter while on air, the show trends as one of Australia’s Hot Topics nearly every week.

Now in an upcoming episode on April 26th, Q&A will launch its Twitter highlights feed, with the public feed to be moderated and select Tweets to be aired on screen. Roughly one per minute will appear on screen.

Offensive material will be filtered out from the feed, and in keeping with the style of the show, producers will favour clever comments over banal, avoid personal attacks.

The Anzac Day episode will include General Peter Cosgrove, Brigadier Alison Creagh (Director-General Public Affairs), historian Henry Reynolds, journalist Peter FitzSimons and the always outspoken Germaine Greer.

@abcqanda has about 2,600 Twitter followers to date.

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