Returning: Camp Orange

Nickelodeon will premiere its fifth season of the kids’ adventure-reality series Camp Orange in July with new hosts, comedy duo and NOVA presenters Luke and Wyatt (pictured).

The “Castle Mountain” series will again see four teams of best friends face the adventure of a lifetime in the great Aussie outdoors. Eight kids from NSW, Queensland and Victoria were selected from over 2000 applicants.

The series begins shooting next month.

Network Creative Director Kristie Phelan said: “The team at Nick Australia are so excited at the prospect of going back to camp ‐it’s a really fun show to make and the authentic fun shared by everyone involved comes across on screen. We’re very proud that it’s now produced entirely in‐house by the Nickelodeon team.

“The last season, Camp Orange: The Final Frontier, exceeded our expectations by winning its timeslot across all demographics on subscription television. It’s been such a good news story for Nick. It’s a home‐grown format that has delivered huge ratings and been produced in other territories.

“We’re in a great position with the show about to go into production on a new season, while the previous season is a finalist in this year’s Logie Awards for Most Outstanding Children’s Program.”

The show was previously hosted by Maude Garrett.

This season promises to be crazier and more challenging than ever, but once again features the uniquely positive celebration of kids and friendship that has made the Camp Orange franchise popular with kids and families alike. The level of action will be amplified too, with the Campers at Castle Mountain tackling rugged outdoor terrain with a surprise twist, and getting plenty dirty without playing dirty – whether it’s with mud, sludge or slime. And of course with the vote for best and fairest, ‘Champ Orange’, kids prove that it pays to play nice, or pay the price!

Camp Orange: Castle Mountain
premieres Tuesday July 20th at 5pm on Nickelodeon.


  1. My best friend and I are late with our audition. We really hope you will accept our dvd on Monday 21st Feb.We are both very appoligetic and hope you still get the chance to see us. Sorry for being soooooo late and thank you. Mia, Isabelle and Mia’s mum Jacqueline.

    Kind regards

    the Surfing Sisters

  2. @Adelle: Check out the website for that.
    @Shantelle: Yes, you do, if you try very hard.
    @Chris: I think Camp Orange has never been better with Luke & Wyatt hosting. I do miss Maude, but we can remeber her as an awesome host!

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