Returning: FlashForward

As expected, Seven is returning FlashForward to a new timeslot from mid-April.

As expected, Seven is returning FlashForward to a new timeslot, 9:30pm Thursday April 15th (which explains in part why The Amazing Race hasn’t surfaced yet).

The series is back with a two hour episode, with “Revelation Zero.”

As people struggle to make sense of the FlashForward event that shook the world, FBI Agent Mark Benford and his team continue to collate people’s visions as part of ‘The Mosaic Collective’. Before long it becomes clear that complete strangers will somehow be intimately connected. Some will fear what’s coming, others excited; but not a single person will be unaffected.

Really not sure what to do with all these promo Post-It notes now…..

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  1. Oh no another clash with Medium. I thought the viewing clash with Medium ended with Heroes season 4 on 7TWO, now I have to deal with another clash this time with Flash Forward on 7.

  2. this wont last a week. i reckon it will rate around 600-700,000 and then be moved to a later timeslot.
    seven should have saved fans the disappointment and moved this to 7TWO straight away.
    i lost interest after ep.1. this is nowhere near as good as Lost, IMO.

  3. Here’s hoping it appeals to the US audience this time around. I can’t work out why it hasn’t been more successful, it’s better made, acted and written than many other SFnal shows currently on the box – e.g. the endless stream of Stargate spinoffs, V, Fringe, etc.

    Really it’s only Flash Forward and Lost currently that have interesting storylines and involving mysteries that I want to get to the bottom of (and I’m pretty sure by now that many of Lost’s threads will never really get tied up).

    V has one more chance with me, if I don’t see a V chewin’ on a rodent next episode I’m not watching it anymore, put that FBI woman back on the Lost island immediately!

  4. This is what I dislike with the shows we get straight from the US. Due to no fault of Seven there has been a massive 3 month gap between the episodes and I have forgotten what has happened in the past. I know I am in the minority but I would rather have shows start 3 months later but run their entire season without break, unlike how it will be done now we are following the US season schedule which leaves a massive break for Christmas …

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