Returning: Surf Patrol

Art imitates life as Tom Williams heads back to the beach for more Surf Patrol for Seven.

Seven is returning its beachside factual Surf Patrol next month, to air on Wednesday nights following Dog Squad.

The show will again be narrated by Tom Williams, though it has previously been narrated by Naomi Robson and
Simon Westaway. Meanwhile TEN’s Bondi Rescue will soon be concluding its season.

Now in its fourth season, Surf Patrol takes viewers to the frontline of the dangerous and daring work carried out by Australia’s volunteer surf lifesavers, who risk their own lives every day to keep our beaches safe.

As a former surf lifesaver, host Tom Williams is thrilled to be paying tribute to the volunteers who patrol our beaches around the country.

“I’m proud to be presenting a show that highlights the important role these men and women play; they volunteer their time and often risk their own safety coming to the aide of people in trouble,” Tom said.

“The beach is a big part of the Australian life style and it wouldn’t be the same without the surf lifesavers out there on patrol.”

This season, our surf lifesavers face some of their most challenging situations yet as they come to aide of swimmers caught out in the unpredictable surf; deal with shark sightings dangerously close to the shore; and launch search operations for lost children on busy beaches, some of whom can’t swim.

From the creators of Border Security and The Force, Surf Patrol explores the lives and work of these real Aussie heroes as they perform some of the most remarkable rescues ever seen on Australian television.

It returns Wednesday May 5th at 8pm.

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  1. Channel 7 make sure you don’t show Tom on screen,the show was wrecked when he would appear at the end of shows,when people who have been rescued come back to thank the lifesavers.You don’t need him to get involved

  2. So they’ve got a cops rip off, 20 “border” spin-offs, a Bondi Rescue rip-off, 20 animal shows, 10 “reality” ERs and Find MY Family, where’s the one about douchy teenagers with no social life… ….

    No seriously, where the hell is it? Since being a moron makes people money, I sit here and do it everyday, whytf aren’t I living in a mansion…?

  3. Best thing about Surf Patrol is that it’s way more realistic than Bondi Rescue, like it features real grizzled old veteran lifesavers and not just the chiseled young bucks like on Bondi Rescue, makes it look heaps less contrived when a 45yr old dad pulls someone out of the water. Hope they keep that up this time round.

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