Returning: The Cleveland Show. Gone: Supernatural (again)

Sorry Supernatural fans....new episodes of The Cleveland Show are moving in.

This one probably won’t go down too well….

Next Monday night will be the last screening of Supernatural in its 10pm slot, and it has been spooked from TEN’s schedule.

In what seems like deja vu, the show will disappear after poor ratings (gee can we get any more puns in?).

The following week, Monday 19th, TEN has a lengthy MasterChef premiere followed by GNW and TEN News.

A week later, April 25th, The Cleveland Show returns with “Field of Streams” as a Series Return at 10pm, following a 90 minute GNW.

On Monday night Supernatural took just 330,000 viewers, despite fans running online campaigns championing its return.

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  1. ew… wtf is the clevland show..
    why would they do this?!?!
    like wtf… its the crappest character from family guy. This show is just absolute crap. And supernatural was one of the only shows i liked that wasnt a cartoon (aka south park and the simpsons)
    i can not believe how crap this cleveland show is.
    its insulting to replace supernatural with such a terrible terrible pathetic excuse of a show.
    Maybe fox8 will pick it up?

  2. I’m partly deaf and rely on closed captioning to watch my favourite shows. For this reason, I don’t download because I wouldn’t be able to make sense of the episodes. I was eagerly waiting for Season five of Supernatural to come back on. When it finally did, I was disgusted to realise that it was on a late timeslot, when I have to go to work the next day. To add insult to the injury, it put Superanatural on after Good News Week, a live show that always goes over by fifteen to thirty minutes. Which meant that recording Supernatural to watch later at a ecent time was hit and miss. Then they dropped it with no warning! I kept waiting for it to come back on, before I came here to find out what the hell! Well done, Channel Ten, for giving me absolutely no respect as a viewer. The poor ratings are because you jerked us around.

  3. WTF!!!!! is with channel 10, they screw everything up, i didnt even know supernatural was on because i hadnt checked, you cant just stick one show on randomly and expect all the fans to watch it, i think it should swap channels like go to a channel that actually keeps shows going for the fans not for the money.

  4. Hey Angela,

    How is the petition going ?
    Any traction yet ?

    10 are clueless and despite evryone saying that even 1 hr of Good News Week is too long, they drag it out to 90mins and any show that follows is gets sacrificed.

    Total Tools.. they may as well put Masterchef or Neighbours replays on at 10pm !!

    I have not what GNW since they stopped Supernatural in protest which is a bit of a shame, as it was ok for a bit of a laugh but again anything over an hour of that style of show is excessive.

  5. OMG Ch 10 WTF is wrong with u, when i saw the promo for Supernatural to start again i was so exticed i screamed and jumped up and down and then three weeks later u stop Why the F*** do u do this to us!!!!!!

    season 4 u started then took a really long break then finished now again why!!!!

    u do this with all the good shows why!!!

  6. Why don’t 10 provide an email address for feedback… because they would rightfully get swamped for the way they have mistreated Supernatural fans and the show, with ad hoc screenings and when on, it might make it to air by 10pm in which case people are going to bed.

    Who is the programming decision maker and what is this 30 min Cleveland news filler crap ?? I will only watch 10 for the Grand Prix which is shown 6 to 7 hours delayed as it is !!

    I’m well over 10 !
    PS: what is Cleveland rating and when will they move that to 15 different timeslots or not at all ?

  7. Well, after having just read all the previous emails. They have pretty well said all I was feeling as well. Im so sick to death of bloody reality tv,cooking shows, chubby people shows, (and I can say that coz Im chubby.) murder shows, dead corpse shows ,And just general crap tv. Thank god for Austar. When are the tv networks going to get their poo together and Listen. Maybe put supernatural on another night where shows dont run over and cock the whole thing up. I love GNW but the rest of the programming is crap.

  8. there’s a reason why there are fewer viewers watching Supernatural. its because no ones knows when its bloody showing! All you need is some consistancy and supernatural could be taking on all those vampire-ish ‘supernatural’ shows and win.

    some consistancy with other shows like House, californication etc would be nice too. Channel 10 relies too heavily on its masterchief, GNW, biggest fatties etc Waaayy too much!

  9. Screw you Ch10 I watch the channel constantly and many people including myself say that Supernatural was probably one of the best things that you had going. You pi**ed off all your fans in season 4 by taking it off the air for ages and returning it with a s**t timeslot. And once again you’ve used the few brain cells that you have between your producers to repeat what you did wrong last time. Maybe if you bunch of dumba**** tried putting it in a better timeslot instead of having a sook about how the show isn’t getting any ratings, Just maybe you might get better ratings as a result. Open your f***ing ears and listen to the people and bring Supernatural back on the air.

  10. Probably because no one know it was going to be on at 10pm?! I don’t watch channel ten regularly so I can’t say whether they advertised 10pm, but it was advertised as 9:30 online, so i’ve been turning the TV on at 9:30 and thinking oh, they axed it again (which they’ve now done) The point is no one is watching it because you never know if and even when it’s going to be on. Channel ten are a bunch of morons.

  11. Just finished the 100th episode of this show, season 5 is the best one so far…maybe except for season 4. Great show. I wasn’t always a fan after they killed off all the female characters, but now I have to say – its the best show on TV.

  12. Hate channel TEN. I said they would screw over the fans again and yep they almost broke all speed records doing it. They’ve got something of a reputation for screwing over anything sci-fi. So Channel Ten – I hate you and will not watch anything on your lousy channel again. Does anyone know how to permanently lock out a channel ten? I’d happily pay for a gadget to do it.

  13. ten you suck I cant belive you would do this again to me and the rest of the fans cleveland sucks and so do reality tv for f*#@s sake leave supernatural on tv you peice of crap station I will not watch chanell ten again!

  14. Why!! I watch it and so do way more people than they say. I am sick to death of Channel 10. Give the show to a tv channel capable of doing their job. You are the worst TV channel!!!!!!!

  15. Channel 10 should have GO! pick up Supernatural if they’re gonna keep buying the episodes but nots show it on T.V. GO! actually takes time to make decent promos for their show that aren’t exaggerated and with a seemingly made up plot line that Ch10 HQ seemed to have made up.
    GO! actually fast tracks Vampire Diaries.
    If Supernatural was on after Vampire diaries it’d ‘be a perfect slot.

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