Returning: The Force, Lewis. Airdate: Miracle at the Zoo, Hudson Plane Crash

Seven factual The Force returns to screens at 8pm Sunday in place of Air Ways, once again hosted by Simon Reeve.

On Monday night, Miracle at the Zoo, a one hour special on the story of Taronga Zoo’s baby elephant, Pathi Harn, airs at 7.30pm on Seven.

Brace for Impact: Inside the Hudson Plane Crash, narrated by Harrison Ford airs at 7:30pm on Wednesday, April 14.

Viewers in Sydney and Brisbane will see Series 3 of Lewis begin at 8:30pm Friday April 16 while other states have AFL commitments.


  1. I agree with Paull. All these crash investigation, plane and roads are getting annoying and boring. And that Life without People, tonight at 7:30pm, why do we have to subjected to that, when there could be other things shown, here’s an idea Seven why don’t you show a movie, it is School Holidays, that’s how you could win the ratings for tonight.

  2. Wow I’ve been asking whether 7 would show Lewis for months.

    Only problem is it’s been so long coming that I’ve already seen Season 3 on DVD!!

    So I would imagine that other states will get to see it at some stage as well?

    I would assume that 7 may show Season 3 & 4 back to back as they did when they last aired the show 2 years ago??

  3. Not to sound mean, and I want to say that I have the up most respect for the pilots who managed to land their plane on he Hudson river, saving everyone on board- it truy is amazing still to this day, But- how many times does seven have to air that ‘miracle on the Hudson’ special! I’m sure more than Once so far.

    AnyWay, looking forward to the new force, although I wish more eps of AirWays had been made- truely entertaining show was.

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