Returning: The Zoo, Find My Family

Two popular factuals return to Seven this month, shifting from their regular Tuesday to a Monday night slot.

The Zoo is back from 7:30pm Monday April 19 again hosted by Melissa Doyle.

Melissa Doyle returns with all new episodes of The Zoo. Happy the hippo is unhappy with tusk trouble, three baby dolphins are on the way, rescuing a rare species of wallaby from the brink of extinction and a goodbye that prompts both joy and tears, this week on The Zoo.

The show actually returns in special form this Monday with a ‘Zoo Presents’ special on the baby elephant birth from Taronga Zoo.

Meanwhile Find My Family returns at 8pm on April 19.

Tonight we meet Nick, who has just discovered that he has three sisters that he has never met. And Lorraine is a mother who has been waiting for 14 years to reunite with her son, but the reunion she’s longed for may be tougher than she thinks.

Time to get out the Kleenex tissues….


  1. I really wish they would do something other than factuals.Not all of us watch 2.5 men and Big Bang Theory or whatever SBS offers these days in the same timeslot.they should think about the people not into comedies or other reality TV.

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