Robin Williams vs Kevin Rudd

The PM has taken a swipe at Robin Williams for calling Australians "English rednecks" on Letterman.

The PM needs to call April Fools on this one.

He has apparently taken a swipe at Robin Williams for calling Australians “English rednecks” on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Williams said: “The Australians are basically English rednecks … You get that ‘How are ya? Good to see you. Hello’.”

“I realised that if Darwin had landed in Australia, he would have gone, ‘I’m wrong’.”

KRudd told Triple M he was not amused.

“First of all, I think Robin Williams should go and spend a bit of time in Alabama before he frames comments about anyone being particularly redneck,” he said.

Williams was freakin’ hilarious Kevin (and how good was that accent?).

But Williams gets the last laugh, with a closing gag directed his way.

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  1. Seeing as Robin Williams has apologised, where is KRudd’s apology to the people of Alabama? (Although I’d really hate to have to hear his “view” on the issue…..again)

  2. It’s a joke Joyce! The central truth in the comedy is what makes it funny and what makes it bite. Robyn Williams is hilarious. On being heckled in Australia: It’s mandatory. “Get on with it”, and that’s the PM – that’s funny. Krudd – there were so many smart and savvy ways to respond to this – but you missed it!

  3. So, I love that KRudd defends Australia by doing exactly what Williams did to us, by accusing a group of people being rednecks? Well done Kevin, playground logic is a perfect way to represent a country o.O

    Loved the interview, if anyone finds this offensive, I warn them not to watch the “Bart vs. Australia” episode of The Simpsons.

  4. I sorely hope we produce a similarly unfunny obsolete comedian equal to Williams and joke about cliché topics about America’s culture. That way there wouldn’t be resentment on our part due to a lack of counter-joking about the Americans to he world.

    But then again, weren’t his antics centred precisely about the stereotypical cultural ‘norms’ that Australian tourism wants to sell to the world? Kangaroos? Dumb fat Aussie Bogans? Platypuses? Koalas? Cheap Beer? Gay rugby? Happy Feet? Lara Bingle?

    I’d say it’s fair game, Kevin.

  5. Yet another so-called comedian spends time here,
    then goes back to his country & bad mouths us with so-called comedy!
    How many times have we seen this?!!
    I wasn’t amused but then wasn’t suprised either.
    Seems they can’t think of anything else truly funny so
    they fall back on this old thing … yet again!!!
    Ho hum … *rolls eyes*

  6. I met Robin Williams when I worked in the Hotel Intercontinental in Sydney.He was a real grump and very rude.
    Its all an act with him he’s not funny at all stupid American

  7. @KRudd its called a sense of humour. it makes you more appealing to people if you can laugh at yourself and not take yourself seriously all the time. did that make sense or do you need to setup an inquiry ?

  8. April Fools? First posting was April 1 at 10:47 – right on time 🙂

    English – pompous
    Australians – yobs
    Yanks – loudmouths

    Now everyone’s been insulted 🙂

  9. Williams has had the last hurrah: “Mr Rudd, I apologise,” Robin Williams said. “I would like to modify my terminology and use the term `English good old boys’ instead.”

    Williams also jokingly begged the Prime Minister to let him back in the country and offered to send him transcripts of any future material he planned to use that mentioned Australia.

    “If not, I’d love to go to a strip club with you in New York,”

    from news.com.au

  10. Another one of these story’s where someone was offended,and as i have said before gee society is now very soft.I wonder how many other story’s that will crop up during the rest of the year because someone was offended or they thought something was racist

  11. Oh for heaven’s sake… Williams does a gig sending up Oz…. slow news day so the media manufacture a story … slow news day so Rudd uses the opportunity to get some air time … slow news day so we’re still talking about it a day later. Let’s meet up again this time next week to see if it’s still newsworthy after interest rates go up…more servicemen die in Afghanistan…or the opposition leader competes in another triathalon.

    Slow news day or not, Williams is a gifted comic – Rudd a worthy PM – Oz a blessed country.

  12. It’s amazing how fast my opinion of Rudd has changed since he was actually a fairly okay bloke. Kinda like a magnum on a hot summer’s day…melting, melting until you have nothing left but a sour tasting bit of stick.

    Maybe Kevin needs to realise that one of the best things about Aussie humour in tv and film is the ability to take the proverbial P$#% out of ourselves.

  13. I’m sorry you people are criticising Kevin Rudd for saying this but didn’t the radio host ask the question. Shouldn’t you be criticising the radio host for asking a question like that.

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