Seven drops the ball on Thursday

Compared to the rest of the week Thursday was a relatively soft night all round, but an alarming one for Seven.

The Seven Network lost significant ground on an important week last night after a number of shows failed to adequately tackle the opposition.

Compared to the rest of the week it was a relatively soft night all round. That allowed the season premiere of Sea Patrol to become the top show of the night with 1.23m viewers. Aussie drama gets another tick this week.

It bettered Law and Order: SVU on 860,000, and Cougar Town  / How I Met Your Mother (708,000 / 704,000).

Of concern to Seven would be the figures for  The Matty Johns Show / The Bounce with a combined 754,000. The NRL edition was 249,000 in Sydney while the AFL version was 214,000 in Melbourne. Both were down on last week’s numbers while Nine’s Footy Show‘s total again beat them in a later slot.

Both were defeated by The Biggest Loser (1.08m), Getaway (1.03m), and The 7:30 Report (938,000) with its Barack Obama interview.

A Seven spokesperson says of The Bounce, “We are thrilled with the way the team and the show is coming together.”

“You need to remember this is only the fourth show … and all programs need time to bed in,” they tell the Herald Sun.

“We are confident the audience will find the show.”

FlashForward‘s return stood at 514,00 and 346,000 for its two episodes from 9:30pm.

Meanwhile The 7PM Project continues to show optimism since the end of Daylight Saving netting 800,000.

The other big news of the night were the numbers that flocked to GO! with The Big Bang Theory nabbing 385,000 for its first episode. GO! again pulled a 5.2% share, beating both SBS channels.

So far this week Nine has a share of 32.7% to Seven’s 29.1% with TEN on 19.2%.

Week 16

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  1. S says:
    April 16, 2010 at 2:30 pm
    If you look at the demographics, people 16-39 (Tens target audience), Ten had the No.1 show (Biggest Loser), and the 5th show (7PM Project). In Tens mind that not a “distant 4th”, it is 1st.

    Demo’s mean nothing in a country this size. So its a very very distant fourth, as is the channel over all, as they battle to take a 20 share on most nights.

  2. Thursday nights is the crappiest night of tv especially for ch 7. They really need to give the Bounce…the bounce becuase these type of tv shows never work for them.

    It seems like everyone is over Flashforward.

  3. You could put the Bounce on at any hour, but as the saying goes, “if you put lipstick on a pig, its still a pig!”

    Pete Helliar is not a host….he is a comedian, I am sure if they put a host with some cred and still add Liegh Matthews and Richo…it would do alot better!

  4. If you look at the demographics, people 16-39 (Tens target audience), Ten had the No.1 show (Biggest Loser), and the 5th show (7PM Project). In Tens mind that not a “distant 4th”, it is 1st.

  5. I’m not sure that The Bounce is the answer – however there’s an opportunity going begging, if the network shows a bit of courage.

    I note that the 7 spokesman says “the audience will find the show”.

    Well, the audience want a show at 9.30 (it would appear).

    If the public is ready and expecting a football show on at 9.30pm, then the 7 Network could do worse than to chance it’s arm and go against The Footy Show. You could safely bet a reasonable proportion of the timeslot audience would take a look – and if The Bounce is good enough, they’ll stay.

    Particularly if they gave fair due to the Perth and Adelaide audience.

  6. I don’t understand why Big Bang Therory continues to do well in repeats on GO while Vampire Diaries which currently screens episodes only 4 days after the US does so badly?

  7. I wouldn’t think that bad Aussie drama would rate 1.2-1.3 million every week and last 4 series?

    Just because a handful of people on this site appear to hate it, doesn’t mean Australia does. If next weeks episode falls to like 500,000 then you were probably right. But I seriously don’t think it will.

  8. @ Clint, probably has to do wth the tall poppy syndrome. Aussies love their shows as backyard and suburban as they can get.

    Also, is there late night shopping in all states on Thursdays or just Sydney? Didn’t think it’d have such a big effect on ratings but Thursdays will probably grow as it gets colder. Hopefully Sea Patrol can build in Melbourne too – Sydney it did very well but Melbourne it was down a lot which is odd given Melb is usually higher than Syd.

  9. Its fine to be happy for Australian drama doing well, but to just blanketly say any Australian show that wins over American “drivel” is a bit silly. Australians are quite capable of making bad TV as well.

  10. I don’t get why Aussie audiences dismiss ‘Sea Patrol’ as rubbish and then sit down and watch ’24’ or ‘The Pacific’ and believe in it. Why are people so hard on local productions, but just accept imported productions? Makes no sense at all.

  11. I watched Sea Patrol and got bored with-in the first minute, that first explosion was so fake and looked it on screen, ditto for the aftermath with the wreckage. And then later the RPG fired at the ship missed?

    The first season was the best but its been slowly down hill ever since.

  12. Sea Patrol, what a joke of a show it is, it’s absolutely lost the plot.

    If this is the sort of stuff that really goes on in the navy, then the top brass at the navy should be sacked!!

  13. The formula of the Footy Shows are they are on too early. I feel the line up should be

    7:00 – Home and Away
    7:30 – How I met your Mother
    8:00 – Cougar Town
    8:30 – The Bounce/The Matty Johns Show
    9:30 – Flash Forward

    There’s no carry of audience between H and A to the Footy Shows. A comedy double would be just the shot. But now Sea Patrol has hit the ground running, this line up would be harder to implement.

    10 bucks says Cougar Town gone soon (David Leckie you should have trusted your instinct!)

    I think HIMYM is a great show in the wrong spot. But as for Matty Johns/The Bounce, I don’t see renewals coming soon.

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