Seven signs Jana Wendt

Jana Wendt has signed a lucrative television deal with the Seven Network.

The legendary television personality is poised for a major role with the network, in line with a 3 year multi-million dollar contract.

The deal follows her appearance on Sunrise this week where she plugged her new book, “Nice Work.” A quick phone call from the top brass saw her whisked away from the Sunrise set to Seven executives, causing her to miss morning radio engagements.

Wendt’s role within the network is believed to be wide open, with the Gold Logie-winner given the luxury of choosing where she wants to fit in.

Industry sources say Seven is keen for her to host Today Tonight, potentially demoting Matt White back to a sports role. But some execs are also toying with the idea of Wendt fronting its Sydney News service, elbowing Chris Bath to a weekend role.

Bath is believed to be fuming at such a wild proposition, having only won the key presenting role after the retirement of Ian Ross.

Such a move would also leave question marks hanging over Mark Ferguson, who left Nine for Seven.

But Seven execs are so quietly chuffed by nabbing Wendt they are willing to ride out any short-term storm.

So far sources close to Wendt say she is disinterested in returning to News and Current Affairs. Instead she is believed to have her eye on the resurgence in variety and keen to front a contender to Hey Hey it’s Saturday. Talks are underway with former currrent affairs identities Mike Willesee, Ray Martin and Mary Kostakidis to launch a new live to air show with international pop acts, news bloopers and political puppets.

Yesterday Wendt even had talks with Seven CEO David Leckie to join The Matty Johns Show but decided “it was a shit show” and is determined to go it alone.

Wendt has until the end of Easter to sign 16 writers, fire 11 of them the next day and get the show on air by the return of official ratings.

A logo for ‘Hey Hey it’s the Perfumed Steamroller’ has reportedly been registered as a trademark with IP Australia.

Wendt, Seven and the Jackson Jive were all unavailable for comment.


  1. It matters not, where you go or what you do Jana, you will always have my respect. I trust whatever decision you make for yourself and your family will be the very best decision possible. I hope you have a very good year. Ron

  2. I was getting all excited, even though its an April Fools, the bit about the Matty Johns show is ridgy didge right, I’ve never seen anything shitier. Please come back Jana.

  3. how could you be annoyed that this is not true? Jana’s departure from TV was much appreciated, we don’t need her cardboard personality back!

  4. Dammit I am so annoyed right now – not because I was roped into believing this for the first few paragraphs but because it’s not true.

  5. tasmanian devil

    Hmm, I thought the “No truth at all” article was published before this one for a while there, and I was thinking “Well she changed her mind quickly!”

    @ bindi – And I thought Britney Spears Fan was bad.

  6. MeGAL says:
    April 1, 2010 at 9:30 am
    Wat iz diz chik finkin? It say no 2 matty Johnz show? Say by 2 ur karear ideot!!!!

    You obviously said bye to the English language a long time ago. You must know how to spell at least some of those words, so you must be changing them into nonsense deliberately, please don’t.

  7. David, you even made it into the top 10 Mumbrella list today, well done…

    and Twitter feed is on fire with a lot of the media talking about this post as well.

    Love it.

  8. @ Michael H, get over yourself.

    Very well done, David. I do enjoy your April Fools Jokes that start out sounding very plausible before descending into being delightfully absurd!

  9. This has to be the worst April fools story I’ve ever read. Seriously David, do you need to dirty up what is such a good blog with rubbish attempts at humor like this!

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