Sports presenter joins Sunday Night

Seven News Sydney sports presenter Alex Cullen is switching to Sunday Night.

Cullen has been in his current role since January 2009 after Matthew White departed for Today Tonight.

Director of News and Public Affairs, Peter Meakin, said: “Alex has come a long way in a short time. He is an enthusiastic and talented reporter, with more than his fair share of charm. He has well and truly earned his place on our top-rating Sunday Night programme. He’s a young man with a great future.”

Cullen said: “It’s a dream job and a fantastic opportunity for any journalist. Sunday Night gives me the chance to ply my trade in an exciting new environment. I’m looking forward to working with the most experienced public affairs team in the country.”

Cullen started his TV career with Prime News in 2003 following radio roles. He joined Seven News in Perth in 2005 before transferring to Sydney to produce for Sunrise. In 2007 he joined Seven News in Sydney as a reporter.

His replacement will be announced in coming days.


  1. It absolutely amazes me how much I hear all this great stuff about Ben Damon and the networks keep bumping him! Why? He’s talented, knows his sport and not to mention easy on the eye!
    Listen to the people you dumb network exec’s…. Bring back Ben Damon! It what everyone wants!!

  2. Ben Damon must be kicking himself right about now. He is actually now the face of greyhound racing on Sky Racing Two and is sometime seconded to Nine to work on Today.

  3. They never should have let Ben Damon go IMO. He was much better than Cullen.

    Wonder who will replace him? As Jake said, Jo Griggs does weekends and with her Better Homes commitments that’s a no-go. Sunrise won’t want to give up Baretta, Morning Show won’t give up Gillies..

    Jessica Rowe, anyone? 😀

  4. Ben Damon is actually with 9 now.. he works on sport on the Today show except it must be behind the scenes as he did one weekend shift and hasn’t been seen on the show since.

    They really should be using him for the days Cam is off during the week.

  5. I’ll be happy as long as it’s not Simon Reeve- that guy gives me the creeps. I’m sure he’s a nice guy in person, he just doesn’t come across well on screen!

  6. Oh, i quite like watching Alex every week night 🙁 I hope his replacement is just as good, if thats even possible! All the best for him on Sunday Night though 🙂

  7. Interesting move – more interesting to see who will take over the weekday sports duties on Sydney’s 7 News. After Matt White, Nick McArdle & Ben Damon were both bad.

    With Jo Griggs presenting weekend sport, I can’t imagine her getting the weekday job with Better Homes duties. And over summer when Alex was on holidays, Mark Baretta and Simon Reeve filled in (both busy with Sunrise).

    Changes in the air on a no longer dominating Seven News bulletin!

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