TEN: Second entertainment channel

TEN has confirmed it will launch a general entertainment channel in the second half of the year.

The new channel is expected to have a unique name, but TEN has not indicated what programming will appear on it.

To launch sometime after June 30, the channel will not be built on repeating shows that debuted on the main TEN signal.

“It will be a general entertainment channel,” David Mott has told The Australian. “It’s got to be original.”

The channel also won’t be treated like a poor sibling of TEN.

“It will have equal weighting with TEN. In the digital environment, why wouldn’t you?”

TEN has been hit hard by the arrival of 7TWO and GO!, which pick up audiences similar to that of SBS. While TEN has had ONE on air for more than a year, it has struggled to compete with the channels playing broad, international TV.

Meanwhile Nine’s second digital multi-channel would not be launched until after July.

Seven has confirmed it is also planning a second multi-channel for this year, although the format and timing are not known.

Networks are also awaiting the outcome of the Anti-Siphoning List review which could allow them to play more sports on digital multi-channel.

Source: The Australian


  1. when I first heard the news on 7’s new channel, I expected it to have a unique name like GO did. but they ended up calling it 7TWO which seems to be the trend – 7 two, sbs two, abc2, abc3 so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was simply called TEN TWO. I think they mainly do this so it doesn’t confuse people when people say stuff like “Nines getting a new channel” and it ends up being called GO instead of 9 Two. GO sounds like it has no connection to Nine, where as people can tell 7 Two is a second channel airing Seven’s content. I remember reading 7’s new channel was gonna be a ‘Teen’ themed one on channel 17 and we know what happened with that.

    so Ten’s new channel could be called – Ten 2, Ten Plus, Ten Extra or something else. if it were Ten 2, I would think it would be on channel 102. just like 7 Two on channel 72.

    but hopefully they come up with something creative if it isn’t Ten Two, One Hd is a terrible name. they could have at least called it ONE Sport!! anyway, this channel better be on our screens by the end of July! theres a pile of shows we are behind on, and Tens 12am slots are filled.

  2. Andrew B, although they are currently using channel 12, Network TEN has the right to use channels 1, 10-19, and 100-150. So, we may even see ten moving into the hundreds to make the channel stand out from the rest.

    At this point all we can do is speculate.

  3. Hopefully separate branding will mean its name has nothing to do with TEN in any way shape or form.

    Always thought 12 would be a good idea as they already have 12 as a digital channel, or even FIVE? “X” was another thought… 12 would also leave the door open to have “ONE TWO” if they ever wanted to show two sports at once.

    But I’m guessing it’ll have a name like GO.

  4. Scott they can’t do that as TEN need their Aussie drama quota for the main channel. Besides not everyone will have digital yet so the show will loose more viewers.

  5. I think with the new classification rules TEN2 should be launched with Neighbours moving to the new channel at its original time of 6.30pm. The new PG rating would allow the writers to create more dramatic and racy storylines for the show it so desperately needs. While also being a great promotion for upgrading to digital TV, it would easily be the highest rating program on any of the digital channels.

  6. Channel 10 might say that now,but just watch as the channel will be just like Go and 7Two eventually no doubt.We don’t need more digital channels either

  7. Hopefully this means that they can bring back Smallville and put Friday Night Lights and One Tree Hill on at a better time.

    I wouldn’t mind some classic re-runs during the day or Saturdays/Sundays.

  8. The one thing I ask is that they stick to the original focus for the channel. Go! was supposed to be the hip younger sibling to Nine until it became flooded with Bewitched, Charlies Angels, Blackadder – shows that the commenters here might enjoy but they don’t match the target demo for the channel. Seinfeld and Fraiser are pushing it, but are fine. More stuff like Community please!

    Atleast 7-Two has been consistant as a true secondary channel to 7, you can tell that it’s an extension of the 7 brand.

    Then again, if 10 deicdes it to be a “golden oldies” channel and play old school Melrose & 90210 on a daily basis (like Fox8 used to do about 10 years ago), you guys can have all the Prisoner you want – I’m sold!!

    David, do you know if there’s any talk of the 1 HD + 2 SD limit being lifted? I know many Survivor fans who are only watching it on 9 because it looks stunning. I’m sure this is the case with many other shows.

  9. @Craig – Thanks for the advice about Veronica Mars, I will wait out for a bit longer before deciding one way or another of whether to get the season 3 DVDs.

  10. scifi and reality are the best ideas so far? brain cells in short supply it seems.

    ofcourse the mandatory complaint from neon – go figure.

    no excuse for SC10 since it was the HD issue last time (officially) and this time re-routing the existant 55 channel to whatever LCN and name applies.

    It might be labelled gen ent, but that is what Ten is now so prepare for skew Youth or something not considered e.g. movies

    as for all the HD is rubbish in Aust on FTA, no 1080p content exists on FTA and no current FTA HD is not all max levels but it aint 576p either as was SBS no too long ago. a third channel will not impact on HD for ONE as ONE SD current uses that space

  11. Prisoner just has to get another showing, please Channel Ten show it again right from the start, I haven’t seen it in years but I remember it was the best drama Australia has ever made.

  12. Maybe ten should do a survey with ten members, like they do with biggest loser to find out how you want the next season to be. They could ask alot of questions and then put on the most wanted content and so on.

  13. Melrose Place 2.0 is a great series – at first I was hesitant to watch it but after the second ep I was hooked. Ten should air it after 90210. I don’t mind if it doesn’t get a second season as I’d rather enjoy it now then have it get axed, compared to seeing it slowly die (Gossip Girl’s third season started off well but the last few eps have been terrible…)

  14. @Neon..I agree with your sentiment; but you really travel os just to watch HD TV…seriously.

    For me I would like a channel with a movie focus. Its the one real gap imo on fta. I’d be happy if they banned Love Actually though.

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