TEN: Second entertainment channel

TEN has confirmed it will launch a general entertainment channel in the second half of the year.

The new channel is expected to have a unique name, but TEN has not indicated what programming will appear on it.

To launch sometime after June 30, the channel will not be built on repeating shows that debuted on the main TEN signal.

“It will be a general entertainment channel,” David Mott has told The Australian. “It’s got to be original.”

The channel also won’t be treated like a poor sibling of TEN.

“It will have equal weighting with TEN. In the digital environment, why wouldn’t you?”

TEN has been hit hard by the arrival of 7TWO and GO!, which pick up audiences similar to that of SBS. While TEN has had ONE on air for more than a year, it has struggled to compete with the channels playing broad, international TV.

Meanwhile Nine’s second digital multi-channel would not be launched until after July.

Seven has confirmed it is also planning a second multi-channel for this year, although the format and timing are not known.

Networks are also awaiting the outcome of the Anti-Siphoning List review which could allow them to play more sports on digital multi-channel.

Source: The Australian


  1. Oh please have 90210! My Friday nights weren’t complete as a teenager without it (sadly my friends and I even had a song about it that I think was based on a McDonalds jingle at the time). I of course mean the original (and the best) 90210, but then again, whatever happened to the ‘new version’?
    Others I’d like to see…
    Melrose Place (original)
    Party of Five
    Veronica Mars (even though I have all the seasons on DVD)
    Friday Night Lights (how did I miss it in the tv guide?!)
    Smallville (Season 8 has now been released here, but who gets first dibs- Fox 8??)
    And please for the love of all things holy, no Simpsons!!! (Wishful thinking much?)

  2. I just want to see House fast-tracked…
    Also- Ten shows late night episodes of these quality shows- so perhaps they can find a home on this channel;

    Friday Night Lights
    The Office

  3. I think it’s fair to say that how ever significant the changes in the FTA landscape were during 2009, 2010 will see an even more radical shift in both programming and viewing habits. Let’s just hope that the ‘big three’ FTA players don’t adopt same the quantity over quality philosophy as Foxtel.

  4. I would love to see some Saturday and Sunday morning Simpsons Marathons in similar vein to what FOX8 do with Super Simpsons Saturdays and Sundays. 🙂 PG rated; no edit would be perfect.

    Please do this TEN. Please?

  5. @Paull – Seven and Nine’s new channels will be HD and will replace the existing 7HD/9HD channels.

    The three commercial networks are still restricted by legislation to 2xSD + 1xHD channels each.

  6. pleas pleas ten repeat prisoner even though i have the whole series there is nothing like having it on tv i would also like to see

    big brother
    neighbours from the start untill about 1994
    richmond hill
    e street
    ok i will stop dreaming now

  7. One of things i like with this channel is to have the ability to show some sports that clash on this channel, this would usually only happen in the morning/daytime, like a NASCAR race on one channel and NFL game on another, just as an example. If they do that then whatever else is on the channel i couldn’t care less about

  8. I’m going to miss the HD versions of 7 and 9 when they’re shatter for more low pic-quality channels.

    I wonder if ten will move neighbours to TENsd2 and put the 7pm proj on at 630pm on their main channel. Sounds like a reasonable idea.

  9. Definately supernatural @ 8.30, stargate universe, melrose place, 90210, law and order plain, numbers, law and order uk, The office. They should also have a premiere movie night. And a doco night with things like david attenborough

  10. Maybe 7/9 could make a 24h news channel like ABC is planning to – could do quite well considering how highly news rates on FTA television.

  11. Let’s just hope that Southern Cross Ten in regional QLD starts the new channel on the same date as in capital cities like Seven did for 7TWO and WIN did for GO. One HD started 4 months late last year

  12. @bazza, yes they are just go look at the guides eg. Sunday 10:30
    7: True Beauty
    7two: Victor and Hugo: Bunglers in Crime
    7HD: Game Day
    and 9 have been doing it too. a bit more of this and 7 and 9 i’d say are set for their 3rd channels.

    “The channel also won’t be treated like a poor sibling of TEN.”
    that’s not what i wanted to hear. a dumping ground channel like 7two and GO! i think would be the best option.

  13. just follow the GO! model of programming and it should be fine – at the moment GO! seems to be the more successful digital channel to date

  14. @Brett – That’s not actually a bad line up but there might need to be some shuffling with the 7:30 slot because something like Supernatural and maybe Melrose Place might not fit into the PG 7:30 slot
    @Pete – Haha I get that was a joke but it’s not actually a bad idea. Not 100% anime obviously but maybe an anime block on a saturday or something (unless they’re planning on repeats of About A Boy, Love Actually and Mean Girls for that night) It’d be something that I don’t even think foxtel has much of.
    @Kuttsywood – I don’t remember CheezTV that well but I know it was better than Toasted. But how old would Jade and Ryan be now? Early 40’s possible late 40’s?

  15. I think there is enough quality content out there for digital channels.

    I have been enjoying Inbetweeners, Community, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Kings, Band of Brothers, Nip Tuck, Lost, Curb your enthusiasm, Big Bang theory and Weeds.

    Those are not the highest rating shows on Go and 7two. But they are quality shows that we might not otherwise get to watch.

    I am happy that there is a mix of programming on GO and 7two. There are the niche US shows, childrens programming, older skewing programs, factuals, movies, encore repeats, old tv series etc.

  16. So many shows 90210, melrose place, dexter, supernatural, smallville, one tree hill, life unexpected, america’s next top model, burn notice, the office, video hits, friends, will and grace also would love to c but it would never happen friday night lights, veronica mars and the oc re runs later at night

  17. I’m sure if Ten put their minds to it they might be able to show some of the simpsons episodes that have not been put to FTA Television. I mean it could also pave the way for Cleveland and other shows that they have, but can’t air! Sounds good.

  18. Chris: Anime built Cheez TV I reckon. There is a group on Facebook, that has 40,000 plus members that think that 10’s childrens lineup was better with Jade and Ryan and Cheez TV, than the constantly changing Toasted TV.

    To be exact, it’s called: “When i was your age, it was Cheez TV not Toasted TV”

    I wouldn’t mind the new channel airing primetime, in similar fashion to Go’s Flintstones/Jetsons combo, a Cheez Retro block using past stars of Cheez TV (possibly one retro toon, one new toon), even rehiring Jade and Ryan to host.

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